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B2B marketing agency & startup studio        based in Europe        Holistic growth partners        of innovative SaaS & Fintech startup & enterprise companies.

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Breaking the status quo in the partnership with innovation leaders.

Namdar Hazrati

Omnius is a professional sparring partner and advisor across several marketing channels. The very professional and digital-focused approach in their work to find automated solutions that are scalable.

Omar Farook

Omnius created an automated content machine complete with full-scope reporting and additional exclusive consulting for further insights and improvements. They don't just deliver content but they also dive deeper into strategy and explorations of potential routes for growth.

Dominik Lambersy

Omnius is bringing in great ideas from their view of the SaaS world. The team is responsive to issues and are not shy to take the extra mile to also deliver on tight deadline.

Mihajlo Nikodijevic

Omnius has truly been a valuable partner in helping us to achieve our SEO and analytics goals. Their expertise in digital marketing has allowed us to reach a wider audience and increase our sales.

We turn data into organic growth.

Partnering with progressive businesses, we apply research, data, and strategy to scale user acquisition, without scaling costs.

Compounding product-led growth is formed at the intersection of creative & technical. We do both.

Content clusters that educate, acquire & actually retain users.

We create content at the intersection of science and creativity. Built on strong SEO foundations, we make sure that content is not only value-adding for the target audience, but also for your bank-account.

By connecting pieces within the holistic strategy - we develop content clusters. Predictable organic growth is what comes after.


SEO that brings healthy organic growth. Not vanity metrics.

49% of all web traffic comes from organic search. It’s time to stop calling SEO the cost - & instead start calling it the investment.

People search for a solution your product offers every single day. Acquire interest-defined users by simply putting your product in front of their eyes. Our systematized SEO frameworks bring the “how” part.

Building business-first product experiences that perform.

OmniUX, the internal UX Studio of Omnius, is the extended hand of our agency, where UI/UX designs are crafted with the same philosophy. Driven by concrete business results, not the art.

Combining deep research and latest design practices - we build functional & frictionless experiences people love to spend time in.

We develop websites, that develop businesses.

Creating a website isn’t hard. But creating a technically optimized website, structured to convert visitors into educated, paid users?

That could be challenging. So, we do just that. Using proven strategies, we help you create a funnel-based lead generation machine, carefully optimized for maximal rankings.

Omnius stands for holistic in Latin. Same applies for our technology stack.

Growth Publications.

We take great pride in our results-obsessive approach & write data-backed case studies that prove its effectiveness.


Us @ Omnius.

We’re a diverse group of marketers, writers, designers, strategists, and developers, who create things people love to interact with.


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Let's make great stuff together.

We seek holistic relationships to help our clients unlock healthy growth at efficient economics. Tell us where you are and where you want to be. We'll help you get there.

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