Marketing data analytics partners          We take care of B2B data tracking, analysis & reporting from 0 to 1        

Event Tracking

We setup website & product data tracking with meaningful events that help companies understand all components of their business.

Data Analysis

We analyse data from various sources to understand the happening trends, and new growth potentials. From blank data to concrete business intelligence.

Marketing Reports

We sync different data sources into comprehensive, real-time reports in Looker Studio, deeply focused on the efficiency of decision-making process.

Custom Attributon

We develop attribution models that take into account the specific nuances of a business model, the product, target audience, and more.

Data Controlling

We're actively involved in the process of data collection, processing, and decision making. No room left for data discrepancies, or vanity metrics.

Strategy Alignments

We don't stop at just analysis. We act on it by implementing both creative and technical changes suggested by the analyzed data.


We agree with the hypothesis that: “If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business.”

Combining tools such as Google Analytics 4, Search Console, Looker Studio, Mixpanel, Segment & more, with our marketing know-how, we help B2B companies track, analyse, understand, and utilise data in real time.

The result? Faster & more accurate decisions without silos being formed by data discrepancies.

The real utilization of data comes from understanding both the business & deep technicalities. At Omnius, we do both.

Startups big & small saw a proof of concept in our process.

Building process-efficient partnerships with innovative companies & venture funds.

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Omar Farook
Co-founder & CEO
“Omnius created an automated content machine for us. They don't just deliver content but they also dive deeper into strategy and explorations of potential routes for growth.”
Dusan Bijelic
“It’s been absolutely amazing to work with Omnius. Exactly what we need in order to move quickly, and maintain the winning edge.”
Namdar Hazrati
Professional sparring partner & advisor across several marketing channels. Very professional in their work to find automated solutions that are scalable”

Let's make great stuff together.

We seek holistic relationships to help our clients unlock healthy growth at efficient economics. Tell us where you are and where you want to be. We'll help you get there.