How We Grew SaaS Tool from 0 to 2.73M Organic Clicks In 13 Months

Discover the proven strategies on how we grew SaaS Tool from 0 to an impressive 2.73M organic clicks in just 13 months.

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In short, the results we achieved during the 13 months of working with one of our SaaS clients:

  • 2.73M+ Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 20k+ Organic Clicks Per Day
  • 600+ Keywords Ranking in Top 3 Results
  • $78k+ Increase in Traffic Value


This particular SaaS client was one of the new players in the already saturated AI niche in 2022.

Their ICP included both B2B and B2C customers with different product offerings. 

Here, our agency was responsible for bringing both B2B and B2C organic leads through different SEO initiatives.


From the beginning, the client had only a few content pieces that simply weren’t driving qualified traffic, engagement, and leads.

They were facing numerous challenges in a highly competitive AI niche, including the following ones:

  • High Competition - The AI niche already had well-known players, making it difficult for startups to carve out SERP positions for conversion-driven keywords.
  • Lack of Technical and On-page SEO basics and non-properly structured content
  • Search Intent Mismatch - The existing pages and content weren’t satisfying the searchers' needs and queries.
  • No Content Strategy - They lacked an SEO content strategy that targets relevant keywords for their product, answers ICP queries, and establishes authority in their niche.

They were struggling to gain visibility in SERPs, so they needed a SaaS SEO agency with the results-proven experience to help them take their business to the next level.

The challenge was straightforward — build organic growth, put SEO strategy into practice, and add value through content that will generate new qualified leads.

The client had two core goals for the campaign: 

1. Increasing the organic traffic and leads through high-quality content

2. Optimizing their existing website for higher search engine rankings and better conversions.

They took us on board because we have a proven framework and a number of successful case studies that show our results in driving leads through content and SEO in a saturated AI niche.

Restructuring their website, creating content focused on SEO and conversions, and utilizing content clusters helped us drive big wins when it comes to organic traffic and signups.

Our Solution

Our solution was mainly focused on 4 segments that helped our client build sustainable growth and concrete results in a short period of time:

1. Fixing the technical issues and setting up the proper website and content structure

2. Building content clusters around product-related keywords

3. Creating and optimizing alternative and product-based landing pages for higher conversions

4. Developing systems and putting all efforts into scaling organic growth through content velocity

1. Setting up the proper website and content structure

To address these challenges, we developed a comprehensive SEO strategy tailored to the AI niche:

  • Keyword Research and Analysis - We conducted extensive keyword research to identify high-potential keywords that we could rank for. This involved long-tail keywords that targeted specific user intent.
  • Technical SEO Audit - We performed a thorough technical SEO audit to identify and fix website issues that could hinder rankings. This included improving website page loads, optimizing mobile responsiveness, and enhancing site architecture. This was a crucial step for this client – due to the nature of their architecture supporting multiple markets and multiple languages.
  • Content Optimization - We optimized existing content for relevant keywords and created new, high-quality articles and blog posts that addressed user queries and provided valuable insights into different topics.

Starting with analyzing existing content assets, the goal was to understand what specific primary keyword each page was attempting to rank for and how the content was interlinked with other pieces.

We looked at the internal linking structure between pages and articles on the website in order to understand how it was constructed. 

This included exploring and mapping content that we will create for all three levels, including the BOFU, MOFU, and TOFU.

The initial plan was to target the BOFU(bottom of the funnel) pages and content to help us drive fast rankings and leads in a short time.

But first, we needed to create the proper website structure.

How did we do that?

Step 1. We mapped all the product-based pages we should create and mapped all the keywords we will target based on our comprehensive keyword and customer research.


Step 2. Then, we created separate BOFU product pages targeting the best primary keyword that can potentially bring us leads following the best practices.


Those were pages such as:

  • [Solution Y] alternative
  • Best [category] tool for [specific persona/specific use-case]

What happened next?

2. Building Content clusters around conversion-driven keywords

We simultaneously worked on creating the BOFU and other types of content by using the cluster approach.

The idea was to build clusters of relevant topics for our AI tool and to build authority for each topic that covered various aspects of its functionality, benefits, and applications. 


Some keywords we targetted for these types of content:

  • [Solution Y] Review - (BOFU content)
  • [Solution Y] vs [Solution Z] - (BOFU content)
  • Best [Solution Y] alternatives - (MOFU content)
  • How to do X with Y - (MOFU content)
  • X Best Practices to do Y - (MOFU content)
  • X Strategies to do Q - (MOFU content)
  • What is X - (TOFU content)

Once done with all pieces of content, we interlinked relevant BOFU pieces with both the middle and top-of-the-funnel - all pointing to the relevant product page.


The individual MOFU and TOFU pages were completely revamped, including their structure, to meet search intent and rank for additional relevant secondary keywords, as well as relevant snippets.

By doing so, we not only improved the overall structure and coherence of our content but also enhanced its SEO performance, making it more discoverable to our target audience. 

This resulted in increased organic traffic and leads as potential customers found comprehensive information aligned with their needs and interests.

Our work ended up outranking some of the greatest players, such as Forbes, SemRush, SERanking, Ahrefs, Backlinko, Outbrain, etc.

3. Optimizing the existing landing pages and articles for better conversions

As we started creating content in the competitive AI niche that had just started growing, increasing the number of qualified leads for our client’s AI tool required a multifaceted approach. 

Besides creating new content, we conducted a complete content audit of the existing content to see how well it performed and to make decisions on which content:

  • To remove and de-index
  • To refresh, improve, and push to rank

This content audit provided us with a visual map of the existing content performance and helped us align the content plan and overall SEO strategy with the content we were working on. 

Then, once we created all these products and alternative-based pages, we focused on tracking them and optimizing their performance to improve conversions. 

Recognizing that different segments of our audience had varying preferences and needs, we created content that addressed specific pain points and value propositions associated with our AI tool, such as:

  • Best[use-case] tool for [persona](e.g., Best AI writing tool for students)
  • How to do X in niche Y (How to write email for creating new partnerships)

This helped us target specific customer personas, which resulted in increased conversions coming from these pages.

But that’s not all.

Through A/B testing and iterative optimization, we refined the messaging, design, and UX of these landing pages and articles to maximize their lead acquisition.

So what we did step by step:

  • We calculated the average conversion rate for the landing pages and articles separately
  • Then we listed all the articles and pages that had the conversions below average
  • We prioritized the ones with the most visitors to update them and optimize
  • Then we tracked their improvements in conversions.

As a result, we saw a significant improvement in conversions and overall lead generation, demonstrating the importance of personalized messaging in driving lead acquisition for our client’s AI tool.

4. Putting all into Content velocity for scaling organic growth

Once we optimized the performance of the existing content, we prioritized creating content at scale, ensuring a consistent stream of high-quality content related to the best-performing features related to our tool.

Those features were proven to be the ones that make visitors convert into leads, and so on.  

This involved staying abreast of industry trends, updates, and customer pain points, allowing us to produce timely and relevant content that resonated with our audience. 

By maintaining a regular publish that we managed, we were able to drive ongoing engagement, ultimately leading to higher leads as prospects actively sought out our expertise and solutions.

And that’s not all.

Once we started generating results, we doubled down on translating those pages into other languages(FR, ESP, GER, etc.) to personalize the approach and scale the traffic in different countries.

It helped us not only scale the already performing content and its conversions but also meet those markets even better and understand the demand for the solution.


We saw a huge increase in leads directly attributed to our content efforts and due to the fact that the previous content was not properly optimized.

Based on our trackings, there was a huge growth within this 13-month period after creating the conversions-focused content and doing it at scale.

Results: 2.73M+ organic clicks in 13 months.

Once we started translating and optimizing the content performance, we saw a great increase in keyword rankings across the main keywords targeted with each piece of content:

We were able to rack up an additional $78k+ worth of monthly organic traffic value, which had a huge impact on generating leads through content:

In the end, our client became an authoritative domain in the AI industry. 

However, we were able to outrank high-authority domains even before that, thanks to implementing a structured approach to our SEO and content marketing strategy.

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