SaaS Content Writing Guide To Dominate Your Niche [2024 Guide]

Learn what SaaS content writing is, what content writers' responsibilities are, and how they can help you promote your product natively.

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DId you know that SaaS industry grew by 18,8% from 2021- 2022, and 20.7% between 2022 and 2023, according to Gartner's research?


The progress measured in hundreds of Billions of dollars yearly is attracting many people looking for their share of that pie.

As part of the industry, you have noticed that it is not enough to have a better product, but rather some other factors have influenced which product has higher profits or market cap.

One of those factors is the quality of SaaS content writting around the specific products and the way they explain its functionaities.

Landing pages or blog posts can set the foundation for your product growth if you create them properly.

Today we will discuss what SaaS content writing is, what are content writer's responsibilities and how they can help you create a better future for your product.

Let's get started.

What is SaaS Content Writing & What It Brings to Your Company 

SaaS content writing is the process of explaining, teaching, and demonstrating to your target audience how they may employ your product to solve their problems.

All companies are profit-oriented, so almost all processes focus on generating more revenue and cutting costs.

It is the same situation with SaaS content writing.

How Can SaaS Content Help Company Achieve Higher Profits

More and more companies offering software as a service realize that developing software code and driving sales with content is not the same thing.

So, they look to hire professionals for this task.

Companies want content accompanying products to:

  • Increase traffic on your page
  • Achieve higher conversion rate
  • Increase click-through rates
  • Achieve more signups
  • Drive interest in people looking for service, but also casual readers
  • Higher return on investment than traditional ads

You can not achieve all desired effects with a simple list of all features your product has. 

A simple list of all of your product's features won't get you everywhere you need to go.

Thus, prospective customers or subscribers aren't actively seeking out your product, but rather a solution to a problem.

You have to teach them that your product is the answer to their prayers.

What are SaaS Content Writer's Responsibilities

In general terms SaaS content writers are responsible for creating funnels that lead readers to a point where they complete purchase or subscribe to your company services.

Now we can take a look at specific sections of content developed for SaaS companies.

1. Product Descriptions

Your company's product is software, so product descriptions should adjust to that, mainly focusing on online presentations.

Every day we see more and more different online platforms with their limitations and features, product descriptions must look appealing on all of them.


For this purpose, SaaS content writers create screenshots, client testimonials, or infographics to further explain the product's value and how it can resolve problems for potential users.

2. Landing Pages

Landing pages are locations where potential shoppers go to learn what your company presents and what your software solutions offers.

Besides copy aiming to persuade visitors to commit to your service, the landing page should have subscriptions sections clearly visible.

The landing page should contain most of the software explained in one place to convert visitors into paid users.

3. Emails

According to Statista's research, during 2022 there was approximately 333.2 billion emails sent every day.

Email is an essential component of the marketing mix for any SaaS company. 

A SaaS copywriter should create persuasive emails to increase conversions with the delivery of your landing page links in people's inboxes.


Even cold emails constructed in an appealing manner can deliver great results.

Drip campaigns, welcome emails, newsletters and other forms of email content are highly influential tools experienced copywriters use to expand their reach.

4. Help Center Knowledge Base Articles

We have talked about your product resolving problems at length.

Your help center knowledge base article is where you should go in-depth to explain how your product practically helps users solve specific problems.

When it comes to software, ease of use is the main selling point for new users in the industry, but also to companies using other software solutions, indicating an easy transition.

Writers should keep knowledge base documents simple as possible and easy to navigate.

Your current subscribers will use it as a source of how-to information, and this will cut the workload of your tech support and increase customer satisfaction. 

What Marketing Strategies SaaS Content Writers Use to Drive Sales

Content writing provides a long list of benefits to any SaaS company. 

Here we will provide some tips and tricks content writers use to maximize revenue for the company they represent.

1. Know Your Audience

Simple enough proposal, but it is a never-ending process because your audience is not a static object that you can measure once and know it for eternity.

For instance, a couple of decades ago, SaaS was on a level of statistical error due to data traffic limitations, this meant that apps installed on local machines were on the top of lists.

Wide access to broadband internet connections brought to the forefront response time and stability of applications offered on online platforms, so both developers and marketers had to adjust.

As you can see, pains and problems(read selling point) change over time.

Besides technology, social trends affect how online data is consumed, and this also affects content marketing.

SaaS writers are always on the lookout for what current and future trending platforms the targeted audience prefers.

For instance, research shows that  47.4% of TikTok users are between the ages of 10 and 29, in contrast to that only 11% are in the 50+ age bracket.

In essence, you should talk to your audience before developing content for them.

2. Research Keywords

Keyword presence greatly affects search engine ratings, so you should know what terms and phrases are most commonly used to search industry your services are supporting.

Pages listed as the first pick on Google SERP gather 27,6% of all clicks.

SaaS writers often use benefits of free SEO keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner or Answer the Public for these purposes.

Content writing job locations usually are not local, so innovative content writers use a combination of VPN apps and browser Incognito mods to conduct localized keyword research.

3. Keep Audience in Center of Your Content

Customers are buying your product because it is a resolution to their issues, not because it is yours or some odd unnecessary feature it offers.

For example, if your service provider, for an additional $50, offers to keep your data using blockchain technology without an increase in security, you would say “No” without thinking.

SaaS writers tend to use simple terms to explain benefits to avoid any information falling through the cracks.

All SaaS content types should follow a simplistic way of explaining, including knowledge base documents, so do not go all technical and end up confusing the reader.

If you think that will make my content short and look like our company is not an expert in the field, remember content is not for you but for readers, and they just need the answers.

4. Use Visuals to Talk For You

“A Picture is worth a thousand words” is still relevant, especially in online content.

SaaS copywriters use visuals to keep content dynamic and easy to consume.

Custom visuals make content memorable and are more relevant to storytelling.

Here is one example of how a clean, uncluttered layout can convey meaning more quickly and clearly than words alone.

Short videos or GIFs are used in knowledge base documents to answer questions like “how to” or “where to find”.

5. Use CTA To Achieve a Goal

A call to action is typically placed at the conclusion of most types of content and instructs the reader on what they should do next.

When it comes to software as a service offering, the purpose of the CTA is often to persuade the reader to sign up for a free trial or demo of the software.

When you are working on CTAs for a SaaS application, it is essential to be clear and concise.

Your call to action should give a simple guide and leave no room for interpretation in any way.

For instance, a compelling call to action would state something along the lines of "Sign up for a free trial" or "See how our product can help you."

The most effective CTA language tells users where clicking the link will lead them, delivering the promises made in the CTA.

It is important that your call to action is easy to spot and that it stands out from the rest of the material, for instance, CTA in the form of a button in bright color is one effective way of presenting it.

Your landing page is one of the rare situations where it is desirable to place the CTA button close to the top of the page.

6. Use Your Mistakes to Become Better

One of the most common practices SaaS content writers use is A/B testing.

The idea is straightforward.

Create two instances of content for the same product and deploy them using the same platform.

After a while, compare results to get a better understanding of what drives your audience.

For example, you can look at two product descriptions, one focusing on profits and the other on an emotional approach.

After a while, compare results, which brought more clicks, subscriptions, and sales so that you can develop future content in the same lanes.

We recommend you make such comparisons more than once.

Some trendy descriptions can bring a lot of traffic at the beginning but then fade fast, and others have steady growth over a more extended period of time.

What Does SaaS Content Writing Holds For a Future

From today's article, you gathered basic information on how SaaS content writing affects your company and what techniques content writers are using in 2023.

With shared knowledge, you can start writing content for your SaaS products.

We are sure that you have your hands full managing a company, and for that reason, companies usually opt to hire specialists or outsource these tasks.

Working with freelancers will cut your marketing costs significantly, on the other hand, contracting professional agencies like us assures consistent quality delivered in a timely manner.

Schedule a 30-minute call to discover how can SaaS content writing help you elevate your business.


How to learn SaaS content writing?

To master SaaS content writing, start by deeply understanding the SaaS industry, its trends, and target audience. Study successful SaaS content, take online courses, practice writing regularly, and seek feedback to refine your skills.

What do SaaS writers write about?

SaaS writers create content about various aspects of software as a service, including product features, benefits, industry insights, case studies, user guides, tutorials, and thought leadership pieces. Their goal is to engage, educate, and convert readers into customers.

How do you create a content strategy for a SaaS company?

Developing a SaaS content strategy involves defining your target audience, setting clear goals, researching keywords, planning content types (e.g., blogs, eBooks, videos), creating an editorial calendar, and measuring performance. Ensure your strategy aligns with your brand and addresses user pain points.

How do I write a SaaS blog?

To write a compelling SaaS blog, start with a catchy title, introduce the problem your SaaS solves, explain its benefits, provide real-life examples or case studies, and end with a strong call to action. Use a clear and conversational tone to engage your readers effectively.

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