7 Fastest Growing SaaS Startups to Follow in 2024

Explore the 7 fastest-growing SaaS startups that can inspire you with your business projects and motivate you to grow more easily.

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2023 started with a lot of revolutionary changes in the SaaS world.

Especially considering the AI tools, starting from ChatGPT and following Google’s generative AI.

As we wait with anticipation for what’s ahead, some new SaaS startups have already been making impacts in their industries. 

From personal management tools to customer relationship management platforms - these 7 fastest-growing SaaS startups can surely inspire you with your business projects.

Let us take off on this journey together as we explore these fantastic companies!

What Are the Advantages of SaaS Companies?

One of the main advantages of SaaS companies are:

  • Lower costs - using cloud environments costs much lower than traditional software.
  • Integrations - with other SaaS companies, can come in handy and are much easier to use.
  • Easy to implement - because they already include best practices and samples.
  • Minimal commitment - software already has default settings to work for you in your best interest. 

7 Fastest Growing SaaS Startups You Should Know More About

1. Notion


Type: Project management platform

Growth rate: 36%

Year founded: 2013

Country of origin: San Francisco, CA, US

What they do: Notion is a cutting-edge SaaS startup founded by Notion Labs Inc, that has impacted the tech world. 

This company is one of the fastest-growing startups. 

Thousands of people use Notion daily, showing us they are not planning to slow down anytime soon.                                                                                         

Notion provides tools such as databases, wikis, and task management tools that you can use together or separately depending on the user's needs. 

Here are five reasons why Notion is inspiring entrepreneurs:

  • Easy To Use - Notion’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create workspaces, even for users without technical knowledge.
  • Powerful Features - The app offers collaboration options, calendars, formulas, reminders, and more so you can do whatever you need in one place.
  • Customizable - You can customize your workspace using page templates, color palettes, and custom backgrounds.
  • Secure -  All data stored within Notion is encrypted through secure servers for added security and privacy protection.

2. Linktree


Type: Social media management and marketing tool

Growth rate: 9200%

Year founded: 2016

Country of origin: Melbourne, Australia

What they do: Linktree is a social media management tool that allows creators to monetize their social media traffic through links in their bio. 

Linktree is a straightforward and efficient way for online content creators and businesses to promote their products, services, and social media profiles. 

Its simplicity of use, relatively inexpensive, and flexibility make it a popular choice for businesses of all sizes. 

And its growing list of integrations and partnerships makes it a valuable tool for anyone wishing to improve their online presence. 

Using Linktree, you can create a landing page with clickable links to your various profiles, products, and services, a custom background image, and a bio section. 

Linktree also provides you with analytics and metrics, allowing users to track the performance of their pages and see how many people click on their links.

3. Canva


Type: Graphic design platform

Growth rate: 1011%

Year founded: 2012

Location: Perth, Australia

What they do: Canva is genuinely an inspiring success story in SaaS. Canva is an online SaaS platform that offers design and publishing tools for the average person. 

They prioritized simplicity when designing their tools. The outstanding features that Canva offers:

  • Simple designing - anyone can create unique designs,
  • Creativeness - colorful and exciting presentations, 
  • Printing options - for marketing products, 
  • Integration - with other platforms.

Canva has evolved from a free platform to one that offers a variety of licenses ranging from enterprise to education to pro-individual users. 

They wanted to empower everyone in the world to design and be able to publish anywhere successfully. 

With such impressive momentum, there’s no telling what they could achieve next. 

4. Dropbox


Type: Cloud storage service

Growth rate: 64,74% 

Year founded: 2007

Location: San Francisco, CA, US

What they do: Dropbox is a leading cloud storage and collaboration platform that allows you to quickly and securely store and share files. 

It has several features and advantages that make it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes. 

It has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface that allows you to upload, organize, and share files easily. 

Main features that Dropbox offers are:

  • Secure and reliable - two-factor authentication and encryption for added security,
  • Drag-and-drop - intuitive interface,
  • Functionality - the ability to access and share files from any device,
  • Automated backups - for added protection.

With over 700 million registered users, Dropbox has become one of the most popular SaaS companies. 

5. Copy.ai


Type: Copywriting tool

Growth rate: 346%

Year founded: 2020

Location: Memphis, TN, US

What they do: Copy.ai is a powerful AI SaaS startup company that changed how people create content.

Its AI-created content and growing list of integrations make it an indispensable tool for marketers, businesses, and individuals. 

The main advantage of Copy.ai is its ability to generate high-quality, original content quickly and efficiently.

The platform easily generates a wide range of content, including blog posts, product descriptions, social media posts, and more. 

The platform's user-friendly interface and intuitive functionality allows you to create everything you imagine. 

6. Printify 


Type: Ecommerce platform

Growth rate: 1550%

Year founded: 2015

Location: San Francisco, California

What it does: Printify is an eCommerce platform that enables you to sell online custom printed products without having to hold inventory or manage production. 

They offer various products that can be customized with designs, such as t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, mugs, and others. 

Printify's ease of use is one of its best features. While your retail, you can easily create and manage your product listings.

The second best feature is handling the production, shipping, and customer service.

They also offer various tools such as:

  • Product design tool - This means the platform provides access to an extensive library of graphics, templates, and design elements, making it easy for businesses to create unique designs.
  • Marketing resources - which means they offer several tools and resources to help you promote your products and reach new customers.
  • Integrations - provide native integrations with popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, Wix, and others.

7. Yac


SaaS product: Communication platform for remote teams

Growth rate: 300%

Year founded: 2019

Country: Kissimmee, Florida, US

What it does: Yac is a growing SaaS company created for team voice communication.

It is a powerful tool for businesses and teams looking to improve communication and collaboration. 

Its software, user-friendly interface, and integration capabilities make it an excellent choice for teams.

One of the key features is a virtual meeting room that allows teams to hold virtual meetings, conduct presentations, and share screens in real-time. 

The platform also includes a group chat feature, which allows teams to discuss and share information. 

With Yac, you can work across time zones, record your screen, and replace your meetings. In addition, remote teams from large companies such as Spotify and HubSpot use it. 


The SaaS industry is constantly growing.

As these 7 fastest-growing Saas startups demonstrate, an incredible opportunity is available for businesses in 2024. 

From customer support to integrations with existing systems, tracking SaaS metrics, and so on. 

Not sure if your SaaS startup is what the market lacks?

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How fast should a SaaS startup grow?

The growth pace of a SaaS (Software as a Service) startup varies based on several factors, including market dynamics, funding, and business objectives.

While there's no one-size-fits-all answer, the key is balancing rapid growth and sustainability.

Factors to consider include:

1. Market Opportunity - Assess your target market's size and growth potential.

2. Customer Acquisition - Gauge how quickly you can acquire new customers without compromising quality.

3. Funding - Consider funding availability and its impact on growth.

4. Competition - Evaluate the competitive landscape in your niche.

5. Churn Rate - Ensure customer retention aligns with customer acquisition.

What are the best SaaS niches?

Identifying the best SaaS niches involves thorough market research. Promising niches often include:

1. Healthcare Technology - EHR, telemedicine, and healthcare admin solutions.

2. Ecommerce Tools - Platforms for online store management and payment processing.

3. Cybersecurity - Threat detection, data protection, and cybersecurity solutions.

4. Remote Work and Collaboration - Tools supporting remote work and team collaboration.

5. Fintech - Financial solutions for institutions, payment processing, and analytics.

6. EdTech - Online learning, virtual classrooms, and educational content delivery.

7. CRM - CRM solutions tailored for specific industries or use cases.

8. Marketing Automation - Tools for marketing automation, email marketing, and lead generation.

What is the success rate of SaaS startups?

Success rates for SaaS startups vary based on factors like market conditions and business strategies.

Advantages of the SaaS model include recurring revenue, scalability, and strong product-market fit potential.

Success factors include innovation, effective marketing, and customer retention.

SaaS startups usually have a higher success rate compared to some other industries, but success depends on multiple factors.

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