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Are you at the point of developing your SaaS company that you simply do not have time to maintain your blog page correctly?

In front of you is a dilemma: assign a task to one of your employees or hire professionals to assign the whole team to your project.

If you decide to go with the second option, another problem pops up: who to hire?

So many choices and so many recommendations you need your whole team weighing on pros and cons, and you just do not have time for it.

We will try to make it easier for you by pointing to features top-notch blog pages handling companies have.

Of course, we will offer a few examples that have those characteristics.

There are a lot of things to cover, so let’s jump straight in.

What Should SaaS Company Build Blog Page And What Should You Do To Keep It Relevant? 

Main reason for creating a blog page for SaaS form is to increase brand recognition, this basic idea shapes how you build and maintain a blog page.

Task of maintaining blog pages is simple: write articles about some topic and publish them on your site

You can do it that way, but that is a drag at best.

How to Keep Your Blog Relevant

Writing relevant articles itself is task that requires decante level of knowledge and experience, and you should pay attention to those “pesky” details like:

  • Keywords research
  • Creating visuals 
  • SEO
  • Readability
  • Unique content

After you pass the obstacle of creating a high quality blog post, you need to pay attention to the life cycle of the article and blog page in general.

Hubspot reports there is a direct relation between number of  posts and number of visits, for example 236% difference between blog pages with 180 and 310 articles.


Unlike traditional marketing strategies blog articles can change and evolve over time, just as your SaaS products do.

So, once an article is published information, keywords and links need a face lift every few months or when a big charge drops in.

To summarize, to have a relevant blog you should have:

✔️ High quality content

✔️ Publish posts often

✔️ Update old posts to breathe new life into them

With all this in mind how well can you support a blog page without sacrificing commitment to your primary job of running Saas company.

Let’s get to the main topic of the day: how to find the best partner to support your effort?

What Should You Expect From Potential Partners in Running a SaaS Blog?

Journey of selecting the right agency for your company has a lot of sharp bends and crossroads.

Let's get in to some points you should special attention

1. Money Talks

Do you need the most expensive packets offered in the market to succeed? 


Well, perhaps, but that is more related to what you want to outsource.

We can consider prices our first elimination point for potential partners.

So, depending on your plans and marketing budget you might look into some more affordable options with similar end results.

Serious companies will offer monetary plans without asking for any obligation to sign a contract.

2. How About Their Blog?

Digital marketing companies have a similar business orientation as SaaS companies, so how do their blog articles look and rate on search engine results pages (SERP)?

Since business models are similar, agencies with blogs rated high in the marketing industry have the knowledge and capability to provide the same service for your organization.

Here we must mention the second elimination point. 

If a marketing agency does not have a blog, it is highly probable that they offer this service in a letter but not in reality.

3. How Does the Agency Plan To Deliver What They Promise?

Big plans do not guarantee big success.


When you schedule a meeting with an agency, a reasonable expectation is that they will share proposals on how they plan to structure your blog page..

Presentations with more detail show higher expertise and give you a better idea if the plan is viable.

No one will hold it against you if you consult multiple agencies, so you may compare plans and find the best solution for your business.

4. How Does the Agency See Your Buyer?

Actionable buyers persona is core of any marketing plan agencies offer, same is for running blogs for SaaS companies.

We have dedicated a whole section to a single part of the content plan for the blog page because of its impact on your marketing campaigns.

Who does a marketing agency see your perfect buyer for gives you an idea how deep their research goes when creating marketing plans.

5. Make Your Brand Philosophy Centerpiece of Blog

After you have looked at proposals, ask agencies for corrections so pans can represent your brand's philosophy the way you want.

In responses, look for how they plan to make changes to address your requests.

Sometimes, agencies will advise against those changes, but they should provide reasoning for such decisions.

Everything communicated will give you information if the agency is willing to work with you and make the best solution for your business or just go through the motions and provide generic content.

In addition, we have a few tips on what should not affect your decision to keep or drop your agency from a short list of candidates.

1. Location 👍

We are all for supporting your local community, but not at the cost of your success.

Even if your blog running agency is in the same building as you are, most of communication is conducted via mails, online meetings or shared digital presentations.

In reality, you should look for communication channels that take a few clicks, not a few steps

As both companies have a primary business model related to online presence and sales communication with people from other regions should go smoothly.

2. Agency Name 👍

Nike is a sports brand known in all parts of the world, should everybody buy Nike sneakers? 

No, there are better solutions for different sport disciplines. 

Top brands in any industry are there for a reason, but that does not mean that they are the best solution for all situations and of course not everybody can afford them.

So, some less known names in the industry can create a unique look of your blog and take into account more of your approach to SaaS business format.

With points written down we can take a look at some agencies that check all of these boxes.

Which Agencies You Can Use as Good Representatives of Blog Page Managers?

1. Omnius


Omnius is one of the younger agencies in the market, that has a team with long experience in the industry.

After years of working for other agencies gathering trade secrets, the founders assembled a team of fresh writers and trained them to take on any task with total commitment.

Creating SaaS blog posts is one of Omnius specialties, and they have a growing list of satisfied customers to prove it.

Editors have a strong background in software development which gives them an edge and a unique perspective to understand the needs of SaaS companies.

2. The Shelf


The Shelf agency has a huge network of influencers.

So much so that they have invested their time in developing SaaS applications to vet contributors.

When it comes to SaaS blogs influencers might not seem like a crucial asset, but they are since word of your contes is spread and recommended to the desired audience.

3. Ninja Promo


Ninja Promo is a digital marketing agency offering full industry service.

Content creation and distribution are supported on a wide range of platforms.

An additional boost provides in the form of networks of influencers that help promote products and companies.

Ninja Promo offers a long list of packets so customers can find something for any budget.

4. Bay Leaf


Bay Leaf Digital is a digital marketing agency offering a full service with a focus on building brand recognition for SaaS & tech companies.

The SaaS industry is very dynamic, and we see a lot of mergers and acquisitions. Bay Leaf has this in mind when they create marketing plans.

All blog pages are designed for the future and are easily scalable to meet the needs of growing clients.

5. Powered by Search


Power by Search adjusts its position and level of involvement for every client.

For instance, collaboration is sometimes only an advisory role on how a future blog page should look for the best results, and everything else is up to the client.

On the opposite end, Power by Search creates long-term plans based on clients' products.

Everything in the plans between market research and the whole life cycle of a blog page is the agency's responsibility.

To Conclude

The process of finding the best marketing agency for your SaaS blog is complicated and not so straightforward.

We hope our guidance and recommendations will shorten that process and allow you to make the right choice. 

The years we spent in this space are what’s taking you away from faster business growth.

Outsourcing blog content writing to our team means a comprehensive & systematized approach to organic growth from online brand recognition.

Europe’s leading startup & enterprise companies saw the proof-of-concept in our workflow, resulting in increased profit and decreased cost.

Book a 30-minute call to learn how we can improve your blog page and content marketing.


What is SaaS blog writing?

SaaS blog writing involves creating content, typically in the form of blog posts, that focuses on topics related to software-as-a-service(SaaS) products, companies, trends, and insights.

These blogs cater to an audience interested in SaaS solutions, offering valuable information, advice, and updates about the SaaS industry.

Who is a SaaS content writer?

A SaaS content writer is a professional who specializes in crafting written content specifically for the SaaS industry.

They have expertise in understanding SaaS technology, market trends, and customer pain points.

SaaS content writers produce blog posts, articles, case studies, and other written materials to inform, engage, and attract potential customers to SaaS products and services.

How do I write a B2B SaaS blog?

Writing an effective B2B SaaS blog involves several steps:

1. Research - Understand your target audience, their challenges, and the SaaS solutions that can address their needs.

2. Keyword Research - Identify relevant keywords that your audience searches for.

3. Topic Selection - Choose blog topics that resonate with your audience and align with your SaaS product's value proposition.

4. Content Creation - Write high-quality, informative, and engaging content that provides value to your readers.

5. Structure - Organize your blog with a clear introduction, informative body, and a compelling conclusion.

6. Visuals - Include visuals like images, infographics, and videos to enhance the content.

7. Optimization - Optimize your blog for search engines (SEO) by using keywords strategically and optimizing meta tags.

8. Promotion - Share your blog through social media, email marketing, and other relevant channels to reach your target audience.

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