Outsource Content Writing vs. In-house Writers - Which One Is Better for Your Business?

Explore the advantages of outsourcing content writing vs employing in-house writers to choose the best solution for your needs.

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Every content marketing plan is different.

Balancing quality without compromise is crucial for business owners.

Clients seek reliable, up-to-date content that addresses concerns and offers answers.

During a survey conducted in 2022, copywriting scored third, with 37% of marketers outsourcing it as a content creation task.


Let us evaluate content outsourcing to assist you in determining the most effective strategy for your B2B business.

What Is Outsource Content Writing?

Content outsourcing refers to hiring individuals or specialized organizations outside your company to create marketing and SEO content for you.

With outsourced content writing, you provide access to experts who can assist you in creating content that meets the needs of your business.


Businesses can free up internal resources and concentrate on other crucial areas of their operations by outsourcing the generation of content.

High-quality content allows you to increase organic traffic and website rankings for targeted keywords.

Content investing is also highly recommended for lead generation and brand recognition enhancement.

Let's examine the benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing your writing before you make the decision.

Pros of Hiring Outsourced Writers

Some of the most significant benefits of hiring outsourced writers are as follows:

  • Lead Generation - You can generate leads with well-written content that is optimized for search engines and tailored to your goals.
  • Agency Writers - Depending on the type of content you need, you can select the best content writing company.
  • Industry Knowledge - These authors possess the expertise, credentials, and abilities to produce current, pertinent, and original content.
  • Content Variety - Skilled writers produce SEO-friendly content that is free of biases which is useful and engaging for your audience.
  • Faster Development - Multiple writers can provide Industry-specific content that is jargon-free and adjusted into simple language.

Cons of Hiring Outsourced Writers

However, hiring outsourced writers may have some disadvantages:

  • Expert Selection - It could be challenging to locate writing services with writers who possess the necessary experience and in-depth subject knowledge.
  • Cost Variability - The cost of outsourcing content writing can change based on the specifications of the material.
  • Reduced Authority - The agency is the one who selects the writer for you therefore, you can’t influence when the content is ready for presentation.
  • Dependency - An agency could abruptly stop working without giving a reason and in that case, the process of creating content stops.
  • Continuous Communication - High-quality content creation depends on maintaining clear communication with the agency.

What Is In-House Content Writing?

In-house content writing refers to the practice of having a team of writers or content creators who are employed directly by a company or organization.

It is the opposite of outsourcing, and the company performs its operations and activities by using its internal employees, resources, and assets.

An in-house writer is a paid worker who contributes to a company's writing full-time or part-time.


In-house marketing is any marketing activity that is not contracted out to a third party.

Larger businesses that require a lot of material choose to hire full-time in-house content writers because they are easier to manage.

Pros of Hiring In-House Content Writers

Here are some positives when it comes to hiring in-house writers.

  • Quicker Performance - Better communication increases the execution of projects and strategies and it’s easier to shift priorities.
  • Greater Transparency - Transparency is facilitated because management can easily monitor and even approve the progress.
  • Higher Confidentiality - Replicable ideas are less likely to end up in the wrong hands, and all customer data is kept inside.
  • Improved Content Control - In-housing enables complete control over content development, consistency, and quality.
  • Increased Efficiency - Creating an in-house marketing team allows better communication, collaboration, and obstacle resolutions.

Cons of Hiring In-House Content Writers

Unfortunately, there are some negatives with In-house content writers. 

  • Ability Restriction - The team may lack skills and knowledge regarding content creation which prolongs work on content strategy.
  • Time Consumption - It takes time to interview writers, and once accepted, they need time to get acquainted with your process.
  • More Costly - In-house writers require salaries and additional benefits like health insurance, rent assistance, and travel expenses.
  • Limited Diversity - With no specialist writers, the in-house team is susceptible to internal bias, which could lower the quality of the content.
  • Team Unity - With a team of writers, it becomes challenging to produce consistent, high-quality material when team members lack connection.

Can the Hybrid Team Be the Ultimate Solution?


Another option to consider is a hybrid marketing approach.

The impact of each model operating independently can be tripled by combining in-house and outsourced marketing.

The following are some real advantages of this combination:

  • Adaptability - A hybrid team blends the inventiveness and adaptability of an outsourced team with the stability and clear direction of an in-house team.
  • Contact Professionals - Gain access to professionals in the field without needing to persuade them to work for your organization.
  • Access to the Right Tools - Use the agency marketing software's greatest features to your advantage, as they may not be available to you otherwise.
  • Effective Brainstorming - Improved ideas coupled with more successful marketing strategies and plans.
  • Cost-Savings - Hiring external writers could help you save money and extend your content budget, depending on the size and pay grade of your in-house team.

Before making a selection, it is critical to assess the needs and objectives of your organization.

Outsource Content Writing vs In-House Writers - Which Is Better for Your Business?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution so let's check the big picture.


Both hiring an in-house writer and contracting out content authoring are wise decisions.

However, it ultimately depends on how big your company is and how much material you require.

Outsourcing and in-housing can both be useful tactics for SaaS companies trying to raise their search engine rankings.

Think over the elements mentioned in this article and carefully balance the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy.

Outsourcing does not hurt your SEO as long as the quality is good.

Your search engine optimization efforts will often be enhanced by collaborating with outside teams that are skilled in content optimization.

Schedule a 30-minute call with a professional team to scale up your business, save money, and improve your SEO whether you need subject-matter experts, bloggers, or copywriters.


Why Should a Company Hire a Content Writer?

The foundation of your internet sales pitch is written content.

They won't trust your business if your material isn't up to par.

You can only create material that captivates readers and demonstrates your brand to them by working with a professional content writer.

Is In-House or Agency Better?

In-house marketing teams provide your company with narrow attention.

Agencies will spend time getting to know your brand and developing its marketing plan, but they also prioritize other customers' marketing requirements which are broader attention.

You should select your team, depending on your business.

Should You Outsource Content Writing?

Using outside content creators benefits building authority.

They assist you in becoming recognized as an expert in the field to which you belong.

Those who are as passionate about a subject as they are can tell when the material they're reading was written by someone who shares their enthusiasm.

They can also tell when someone is simply repeating facts from memory.

How Do I Find the Best Content-Writing Company?

Searching for article-writing firms that provide a free trial is usually a good option

You'll have a far better notion of which offers the best fit for a long-term working partnership after testing out your top candidates.

Considerations such as experience and knowledge are crucial when selecting a provider of content writing services.

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