SaaS Content Strategist: How to Get Free Expert Advice for Your Blog

Discover tips and tricks on how to find SaaS Content Strategists and get free advice to help you transform your blog into a powerhouse.

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Do you find it challenging to enhance your content performance and generate new leads?

This predicament is common among SaaS businesses grappling with uncertainty about the most effective content types for optimal results.

A well-thought-out content strategy can be the cornerstone that puts your brand in the spotlight.

Finding the right person to guide you can make or break your content game.

It demands a keen eye for words and a strategic approach honed by experts in the field. 

This guide will help you make sure you know how to find the right SaaS content strategist, assess their skills, and understand if they're right for your business.

Let’s dive into it.

Who Are SaaS Content Strategists, and How Can They Be Helpful?

A SaaS content strategist is a professional who specializes in creating and implementing content strategies specifically tailored for SaaS companies.

This role involves developing a comprehensive plan to leverage content marketing, branding, and customer engagement within the SaaS industry.

The primary objectives of a SaaS Content Strategist include:

Objective: Understanding Audience 

Action: Understanding the target audience of a SaaS product, including their needs, pain points, and preferences.

Objective: Brand Positioning

Action: Defining and enhancing the brand identity of the SaaS company through content, establishing a unique and compelling presence in the market.

Objective: SEO Optimization

Action: Implementing SEO strategies to improve the visibility of the SaaS company's content in search engine results, making it more accessible to the target audience.

Objective: Lead Generation

Action: Developing content that attracts and nurtures leads, guiding potential customers through the sales funnel.

Objective: User Engagement

Action: Creating content that engages existing customers, fosters brand loyalty, and encourages user retention.

Objective: Metrics Analysis

Action: Monitoring and analyzing key performance metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of content strategies and making data-driven adjustments for continuous improvement.

Objective: Industry Trends Awareness

Action: Staying informed about trends in the SaaS industry and incorporating relevant insights into the content strategy.

Objective: Adaptation to Changes

Action: Adapting content strategies based on changes in the industry, technology, or customer behavior.

Why Enlist the Services of a SaaS Content Strategist?

Numerous SaaS businesses grapple with content creation lacking a cohesive strategy.

A prevailing issue often boils down to the absence of a robust content strategy.


The role of a strategist extends beyond merely curating a content calendar.

It involves implementing a system designed to consistently generate traffic and leads, even during periods of inactivity.

SaaS Content Strategist can help you:

Thorough market research - Conduct extensive research to understand market trends, customer needs, and potential opportunities for your SaaS product.

Examination of competitors - Analyze competitors to identify strengths, weaknesses, and market gaps, allowing for strategic positioning and differentiation.

In-depth comprehension of your SaaS product - Develop a comprehensive understanding of your SaaS product, its unique features, and how it addresses customer pain points for effective marketing.

Identification of buyer personas - Encompass your audience's needs, desires, goals, pain points, etc.

Effective keyword research - Explore relevant keywords to optimize content for search engines, ensuring that your SaaS product is discoverable by your target audience.

In essence, executing SaaS content marketing correctly can yield substantial benefits, manifested in relevant organic traffic and qualified leads.

That’s why having the help of content strategy can be beneficial.

Conversely, missteps in the process can translate into wasted time and resources, resulting in content that fails to deliver the desired outcomes.

1. Do a Thorough Market Research

Before crafting content, gaining a comprehensive understanding of your niche and audience is essential.

An adept strategist can guide you through understanding your buyer's journey, crafting content tailored for each stage of the sales funnel.


This involves analyzing market trends, identifying potential niches, and recognizing opportunities for your SaaS product to stand out.

Market research lays the foundation for informed decision-making throughout your content creation process.

2. Examine Your Competitors Effectively

A critical aspect of strategic planning is a thorough examination of your competitors.

Understanding their strengths, weaknesses, and content strategies provides valuable insights.

This analysis allows you to identify gaps in the market that your content can address, as well as opportunities to differentiate your SaaS offering.

Knowing how to find your competitors and their weaknesses that you can use to your benefit can be of huge help.

3. Learn How to Present Your Product

A nuanced understanding of your SaaS product is imperative.

SaaS content strategists can help you implement easy but effective methods to dive deep into your products' features, functionalities, and unique selling propositions.

This knowledge will not only inform the content you create but also ensure that your messaging aligns seamlessly with the value your product delivers to users.

4. Identify and Define Your Buyer Personas

Crafting content with your target audience in mind is at the heart of effective content strategy.

To do that, you should first identify and create detailed buyer personas that encapsulate the demographics, needs, desires, goals, and pain points of your audience.

This step ensures that your content resonates with the people you want to reach, fostering stronger connections and engagement.

5. Craft a Compelling Keyword Research

Keyword research is more than just optimizing for search engines; it's about aligning your content with what your audience is actively searching for.

Identify relevant keywords that not only enhance your search engine visibility but also address the interests and queries of your target audience.

This strategic use of keywords ensures that your content is not only discoverable but also valuable to your audience.

While results may not materialize overnight, embarking on a well-structured content strategy yields tangible outcomes in due course.

Where Can I Look for a SaaS Content Strategist?

Finding a skilled SaaS Content Strategist can involve various approaches and platforms.

This list provides a structured overview of where you can find a SaaS Content Strategist, including various online platforms and networking options:

🚀 LinkedIn - Utilize LinkedIn to search for experienced SaaS Content Strategists. Look for professionals with a track record in SaaS content creation and strategy development.

🚀 Content Marketing Platforms - Explore content marketing platforms and job boards like Contently, Skyword, or ClearVoice for experienced SaaS-focused strategists.

🚀 Freelance Website - Platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr connect you with freelance SaaS Content Strategists. Review profiles, portfolios, and client feedback for assessment.

🚀 SaaS Forums and Communities - Engage in SaaS forums and communities (SaaStr, or Reddit's SaaS subreddit) for recommendations and direct inquiries about experienced strategists.

🚀 Professional Associations - Explore professional associations related to content marketing and SaaS (Content Marketing Institute or SaaS Growth Hacks community) for potential connections.

🚀 Content Strategy Platforms - Platforms dedicated to content strategy (GatherContent or Content Strategy Alliance) may have directories or job boards to find experienced strategists.

🚀 Personal Networks - Using personal and professional networks, asking for recommendations from colleagues and industry contacts who may know experienced strategists.

How Can I Ensure That a SaaS Content Strategist Is Qualified?

Selecting the right SaaS content strategist for your company involves a meticulous evaluation of their qualifications. 

Here are several steps to guide you through the vetting process:

🎯Review Previous Results - Examine the strategist's track record by assessing previous results and understanding their impact on the companies they've worked with. Evaluate the effectiveness of their content strategies in delivering tangible outcomes.

🎯Industry Alignment - Determine if the strategist has experience working with companies in the same or a similar niche as yours. Familiarity with your industry ensures a nuanced understanding of its dynamics, challenges, and opportunities.

🎯SaaS Market Experience - Inquire about their tenure in the SaaS market. Given the unique nature of SaaS, preference should be given to candidates well-versed in the intricacies of the industry. More experience in this niche signifies a better grasp of SaaS-specific content strategies.

🎯Google Presence and Publications - Conduct a Google search on the strategist's name to uncover their publications. Esteemed experts often contribute authoritative articles to top-tier niche platforms, showcasing their thought leadership and expertise.

🎯Client Testimonials and Results - Scrutinize testimonials and real results from their clients. Look beyond mere praise and seek concrete numbers and statistics illustrating the strategist's ability to drive impactful content outcomes.

🎯Participation in SaaS Events - Investigate whether the strategist actively participates in SaaS events. Being invited to speak at such events is indicative of their prominence in the field and commitment to staying abreast of industry trends.

🎯Personal Interaction - Arrange a call with the SaaS content strategist to assess compatibility. Discuss their prior experience and delve into their content ideas and suggestions for improvement. This step is crucial in gauging not only their expertise but also your rapport with them.

If faced with the dilemma of choosing between a freelancer and a SaaS marketing agency, the decision should align with your specific needs and the scale of your requirements.

Each option offers distinct advantages, and selecting the right fit depends on your unique circumstances and objectives.

How to Choose the Right SaaS Content Strategist?

Selecting the right SaaS Content Strategist hinges on your specific needs. 

Make sure to consider the following factors:

Existing Strategy - Evaluate whether you already have a SaaS content marketing strategy in place that requires improvement or if you need someone to create a strategy from the ground up.

Team Size - Assess the size of your content team, specifically those dedicated to SaaS content writing. Understanding your team's capacity will influence the level of collaboration and support required from a content strategist.

Budget Allocation - Define your content budget and determine the financial resources you are willing to invest in SaaS content strategy. This will help narrow down candidates or agencies that align with your budgetary constraints.

Expected Results - Clearly outline the results you anticipate from B2B copywriting services. 

By addressing these considerations, you'll gain clarity on the type of SaaS content strategist you need and where to find them.


We hope our guide has simplified the process of finding a SaaS content strategist that is seamlessly aligned with your needs and your SaaS project.

Don't forget to carefully review their past performance and ensure they have a solid background in working with SaaS companies.

The specific nature of the SaaS industry requires specialized skills and knowledge, so previous experience is a crucial factor.

If you have any questions about your SaaS content marketing blog and what can be improved, don't hesitate to schedule a free consultation with our team.

We'll be happy to help you understand the intricacies of a content strategy and how it can help your SaaS business grow.

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