10 Best Fintech Marketing Agencies To Consider in 2024

Discover the best Fintech marketing agencies revolutionizing the industry and helping Fintech businesses visibility, credibility, and ROI.

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Experts forecast that the fintech business will grow to more than $37 billion by 2026.

Given such substantial growth, distinguishing yourself is imperative, and collaborating with a fintech marketing agency proves to be a highly effective strategy.

But how can you know which agency to choose?

We've compiled a list of the best fintech marketing agencies to help you make the optimal choice for your brand.

Let’s begin!

What Services Do Fintech Marketing Agencies Provide?

A quality fintech marketing agency works to establish your fintech brand, foster trust, and secure customer loyalty for long-term growth and success.

By understanding Fintech, companies can showcase the synergy of finance, technology, and strategic improvement

To meet the growing demand from clients, A full-service digital marketing agency can provide a variety of services to its clients:

Top Fintech Marketing Agencies in 2024

To help you choose the best for your brand, we've compiled a list of the top fintech marketing companies.

1. Omnius

Omnius is a B2B marketing agency that excels in aiding Fintech companies with SEO-driven expansion and lead generation.

Our digital expertise and creative solutions uniquely caters to the Fintech SEO niche, bridging marketing with software development.

Omnius Key Services

Here’s an outline of what we can do for your Fintech business:

Omnius Results

Omnius helped numerous companies using their SEO  expertise and here are some worth noting:

Omnius Pricing

For pricing details you can reach the Omnius team via the contact form, as rates depend on your project's needs and services.

2. Curious Cat Digital

Curious Cat Digital is a full-service, specialist fintech marketing agency.

It has a global client base and has collaborated with some of the most prominent figures in fintech and financial management.

Curious Cat Digital is a good choice if you're searching for an agency that focuses on creating and implementing effective multi-channel marketing strategies tailored to your specific business, difficulties, and objectives.

It has a proven track record, having worked with Finastra, Sopra Banking Software, and Lexis Nexis.

Curious Cat Digital Key Services

Here’s an outline of what Curious Cat Digital can do for your business:

  • Analytics and reporting
  • Account based marketing
  • Advertising of fintech services and products
  • Inbound marketing
  • Go to market strategy creation
  • Copywriting and content marketing
  • SEO for fintech services and products

Curious Cat Digital Prices

Curious Cat offers three levels of pricing so companies can pick the one that best fits their needs and budget.


CSTMR is a Fintech marketing agency from Austin that prioritizes a customer-centric approach.

Customers are so vital to fintech that CSTMR was named after them.

CSTMR consists of experienced fintech strategists who create and execute online advertising and digital marketing strategies for both established fintech firms and startups.

Some noteworthy clients that CSTMR has dealt with are LendingTree, SELFi, ULink and Credit Karma.

CSTMR Key Services

As a Fintech company, CSTMR provides a variety of services:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Paid media advertising
  • Organic marketing
  • Brand strategy
  • Customer acquisition & advertising
  • Go-to-market strategy creation
  • Content marketing SEO
  • UX/Design
  • Social media marketing

CSTMR Pricing

Their pricing is based on the type of service they provide and projected necessary work.

4. NoGood

NoGood is a standout fintech marketing agency with a proven track record of successfully tailoring and executing marketing strategies for fintech startups.

Located in New York, their specialty is fintech performance marketing.

They ensure that fintech companies properly target their target audience while optimizing campaigns for optimal ROI.

NoGood assisted companies like Lark Suite and ByteDance’s collaboration software company to enter the US market and collaborated with Amazon and Nike.

NoGood Key Services

As a B2B fintech agency, they can provide a large variety of services:

  • Growth marketing framework
  • Idea validation
  • Rapid experimentation
  • Landing page building
  • Competitor & market analysis
  • Performance branding
  • Customer persona research
  • Search Engine Optimization & content marketing
  • Performance marketing

NoGood Pricing

NoGood does not offer a pricing list but like many other Fintech agencies charges their services according to the nature of the service provided.

5. Inbound Fintech

Inbound Fintech exclusively serves clients in the financial services and fintech sectors, distinguishing it from others on this list.

Inbound FinTech is an excellent option if you currently use HubSpot, as they are an Elite Solutions Partner.

They can help you start with HubSpot, whether you're new to the platform or switching from another CRM.

Some of their noteworthy clients are Tivian, Fibonatix, and Cipher Trace.

Inbound Fintech Key Services

As an elite company, they offer a huge variety of Fintech services:

  • Inbound marketing
  • CRM migration & integration
  • Google ads
  • HubSpot CMS development
  • SEO
  • Lead Generation
  • Website design & development
  • Content creation & strategy
  • Email marketing
  • UX/UI & CRO
  • Sales enablement
  • LinkedIn ads

Inbound Fintech Pricing

Inbound Fintech does not offer pricing plans, the price for their work depends on your needs.

6. Growth Gorilla

Growth Gorilla is a UK company that specializes in helping international finance and fintech firms master market entry strategies.

Located in London, Growth Gorilla merges growth strategies for 20+ fintech firms, prioritizing conversion optimization and marketing automation for immediate results.

It has a team of seasoned fintech marketing specialists and gives all the information and services you need to promote your fintech firm.

Some of their more famous clients are WhisperClaims, Change, Wayhome, and Minted.

Growth Gorilla Key Services

This small but dedicated and focused team offers numerous Fintech services:

  • Strategy development
  • Influencer marketing
  • User acquisition
  • CRM management
  • Digital design
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Growth consultancy

Growth Gorilla Pricing

Despite the lack of transparent pricing and a small team, they're still worth considering regardless of price.

7. Crescendo Consulting

Crescendo Consulting is a FinTech marketing agency specializing in fast-growing FinTech and SaaS startups.

It employs a scientific, data-driven approach to creating carefully crafted campaigns that produce results for its clients.

It also makes donations to a variety of causes, such as legal aid, food shortages, and medical debt relief. 

Crescendo Consulting is a good alternative if you want an expert FinTech agency that delivers results while also giving back.

Some of their noteworthy clients include Happy Money, RainMaker Securities, Momnt, and Binance US.

Crescendo Consulting Key Services

Crescendo Consulting operates as a partner rather than a vendor and here are their key services:

  • SEO (Technical & Local)
  • Google ads
  • Paid social media ads
  • Web development
  • Content development
  • Social media marketing
  • Funnel optimization
  • Lead generation

Crescendo Consulting Pricing

While they don't list service prices, they market themselves as proactive partners who fully commit to their client's business once hired.

8. Ninja Promo

NinjaPromo develops customized marketing programs that assist financial organizations to flourish.

It is a full-service digital marketing business that provides services to fintech, crypto, SaaS, and B2B companies ranging from startups to established organizations.

Customer reviews consistently praise Ninja Promo's industry expertise, attributing their success to their knack for simplifying complex topics into engaging content.

Some of their recognizable clients are Paypolitan, Tozex, Bitcoin, Swinca, Polkadot, MicroBuddies, Iqoniq Bit5ive, and Unibright.

Ninja Promo Key Services

They provide a wide range of services:

  • Fintech PR services
  • Crisis management
  • Investor relations
  • Media relations
  • Content creation
  • Fintech SEO & blockchain development
  • Social media management
  • Paid advertising, branding, and influencer marketing

Ninja Promo Pricing

Ninja Promo offers regular and full service to satisfy their client's needs.

9. KlientBoost

KlientBoost is a performance marketing business that specializes in paid advertising, SEO, email marketing, and CRO for clients from a variety of industries.

KlientBoost combines PPC and SEO optimization to give immediate results, followed by consistent improvements.

They also try to discover inefficient marketing spending. As a result, they consistently outperform expectations in terms of monthly growth.

Some of their recognizable clients are Bread, Pay Anywhere, and National Bitcoin ATM.

KlientBoost Key Services

KlientBoost is a large company and they offer a variety of services of what they can provide for you:

  • Paid advertising
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Email marketing

KlientBoost Pricing

KlientBoost provides a free marketing plan at the beginning of your partnership while a service calculator is available on their website.

10. Alloy

Alloy is an acclaimed tech marketing agency that specializes in marketing for the tech industry, with a particular focus on fintech.

The primary goal of the company is to enhance public perception of a business and establish enduring online influence.

Alloy has a proven track record and has worked with well-known fintech companies like RxBenefits, ParkMobile, Paysend, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and S&T Bank.

Alloy Key Services

Here’s what Alloy can do for Fintech business:

  • Public relations and communications
  • Crisis management
  • Inbound and content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Executive & company leadership

Alloy Pricing

Alloy does not provide fixed pricing plans but instead, their fees are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Pick the Best Fintech Marketing Agency for Your Business

So there you have it!

We have compiled a list of the best fintech marketing agencies to help you not only get noticed but also grow your company.

Do you want to learn more about how Fintech SEO may help your business grow?

Contact us for a free consultation and see how our expertise and insights may help you take your business to the next level.

We broke the “standard agency” model, and built it differently.

Learn how we integrate deep into SaaS & Fintech companies to make the growth predictable.

“Omnius is bringing in great ideas from their view of the SaaS world.”
Dominik Lambersy
Co-founder & CEO
“With Omnius, we saw immediate results - 64% higher conversion on a new website and 110% organic growth in 6 months. So, if you want an agency that understands startups, do yourself a favour and talk to them.”
Ivana Todorovic
co-founder & CEO
Professional sparring partner & advisor across several marketing channels. Very professional in their work to find automated solutions that are scalable”
Namdar Hazrati
“It’s been absolutely amazing to work with Omnius. Exactly what we needed in order to move quickly, and maintain that winning edge.”
Dusan Bijelic
“Omnius created an automated content machine for us. They don't just deliver content but they also dive deeper into strategy and explorations of potential routes for growth.”
Omar Farook
Co-founder & CEO
Truly valuable partner in helping us to achieve our SEO and analytics goals. Their expertise has allowed us to reach a wider audience and increase our sales.”
Mihajlo Nikodijevic

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