7 Best Fintech SEO Agencies to Consider in 2024

Explore the top Fintech SEO agencies to help you make an informed decision for optimizing your Fintech business's online presence.

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Are you an owner of a financing company that’s using new technology to compete with traditional or modern financing rivals?

There are a bunch of agencies that are present nowadays, but choosing the right one can be challenging.

Many don't have any proof of concept, a satisfying portfolio, or something that can help you understand how they can assist you and what results you can expect from collaboration.

Look no further, as in this blog, we will reveal the 7 Best Fintech SEO Agencies of 2024.

Let’s begin!

What Makes Fintech and SEO a Good Fit?

Putting together Fintech and SEO makes sense because Fintech companies are mostly internet-based businesses, and suitable Fintech SEO methods can help these companies market themselves more effectively.

Fintech companies usually give their services to customers through websites, applications, dashboards, and various other online interfaces.

What Should You Know About Fintech SEO?

Knowing the primary objectives of Fintech SEO will help you choose the business from the list below that best fits your needs.

Here is the short list of Fintech SEO goals that you need to know:

  • Keyword Research aids in understanding the searches made by members of your target audience on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.
  • On-page SEO refers to all actions that can be performed directly on the website to raise its search engine rating.
  • Technical SEO includes multiple technical aspects of your website that search engines consider when ranking search results. Technical SEO includes website speed, crawlability (the ability of search engines to access your website), duplicate content, broken links, and so on.
  • EAT Score (expertise, authority, and trustworthiness) is one of the key factors that Google considers when ranking your website in search results. EAT is all about the content that is available on your website, so that’s why content strategy is essential.
  • Link building aims to get as many relevant backlinks to your website as possible. Google and other search engines will view your company as more credible the more these links point to your website.
  • A mobile-friendly website is critical in increasing organic traffic to your website, as the appearance of your website is as vital as the content you provide.

7 Best Fintech SEO Agencies in 2024

Explore the leading agencies in Fintech SEO with our list of the 7 Best Fintech SEO companies for 2024.

These companies redefine online strategies, offering a fresh perspective on how Fintech brands navigate the digital world. 

With a focus on effective SEO tactics and understanding the Fintech sector, these companies embody the evolving synergy between finance, technology, and strategic optimization.

1. Omnius


Omnius is a London-based marketing agency that assists Fintech companies in reaching new markets and attracting qualified leads using SEO and high-quality content.

With our multi-year experience in digital marketing combined with youthful energy, our team is exceptionally imaginative in our quest to help businesses grow organically.

In 2023, combining marketing and software development is uncommon, which makes the Omnius team a great solution in Fintech SEO niche.

Omnius can assist you with the following services:

  • Content Marketing - Helping you create compelling and product-led textual and video content for your audience to bring you qualified traffic that converts.
  • SEO - Assists you in building healthy growth by resolving the technical aspects of SEO, identifying the crucial keywords, and developing and implementing a long-term SEO strategy.
  • UI/UX Design - Helps you create functional and seamless user experiences by combining 10+ years of SaaS expertise, extensive research, and the most recent design trends.
  • Web Development - Omnius creates modern websites by combining cutting-edge web development practices with experience.
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2. Inbound Fintech


Inbound Fintech focuses primarily on financial services and Fintech companies, and as a result, they only serve customers in these areas. 

The company is an award-winning UK brand that offers a full digital growth services toolbox designed to help Fintech businesses develop.

Inbound Fintech has everything from site design to CRM installation to the formulation of your SEO or PPC campaign.

They are an Elite Solutions Partner, which makes them quite popular among HubSpot users.

Notable services:

  • CRM Integrations and migration services - help you use your data more intelligently and align your marketing, sales, and customer service teams for growth.
  • Lead Generation - help Financial Services businesses achieve the highest possible return on investment (ROI).
  • Web Design - helping FinTech companies to create modern and user-friendly websites.
  • SEO and PPC strategy - provide different types of SEO and PPC strategies that can help you increase your website's organic traffic.

3. NinjaPromo


NinjaPromo is a marketing agency that focuses on design, branding, web development, and marketing

This agency can assist you in standing out in a competitive sector such as Fintech by linking you with top influencers, building your website, and developing a new, SEO-optimized marketing strategy for your company. 

NinjaPromo has an excellent track record and many successful campaigns for top-tier organizations, particularly in the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets.

Notable services:

  • Blockchain development - unique in the world of Fintech, NinjaPromo offers NFT game development.
  • Different SEO services - different key SEO solutions that can help your website reach organic growth.
  • Multi-Channel Marketing - offers different types of marketing, including video, multiple social media marketing, and influencer marketing.
  • Creative Website Development - consists of very creative designers who create modern and user-friendly website design.

4. Straight North


Straight North is a corporation established in the United States that provides a variety of services, such as SEO, SEM, and link building. 

They also provide web design and development services and expert advice on paid ad campaign optimization

Fintech, B2B, and SaaS are among the industries in which Straight North is specialized. 

They will completely analyze your sales funnels and give you the services you require to expand your Fintech firm.

Notable services:

  • Paid advertising - helping clients increase conversions and reduce their cost per conversion.
  • Web design - creating websites that look modern while presenting the brand convincingly to your target audience.
  • SEO - offers SEO services for B2B and B2C firms of all kinds.
  • Creative services - provides a diverse selection of traditional marketing and communication tools that effectively promote companies, goods, and services.

5. Sure Oak


Sure Oak is another market-leading Fintech SEO agency with over two decades of experience

Sure Oak works with Fintech companies providing them with different services from content generation and optimization to link building and technical SEO audits.

Despite having clients from a variety of industries, the agency's specialty is B2B

Sure Oak professionals have created remarkable methods for keyword analysis and content production as a result of their many years in the industry.

Notable services:

  • Content creation - writing SEO-friendly content for your website.
  • Content optimization - optimizing your content for easy usage.
  • Link Building - they offer multiple link-building services like editorial link insertions, EDU link building, backlink audit services, and toxic link management.
  • SEO and Web Design services - offering various types of SEO services with high-quality web design.

6. Skale


Skale is a UK-based Fintech company established in 2015. that can assist Fintech companies in various ways.

With multiple years of experience, Skale can offer good and reliable service in the field of SEO.

Skale offers different SEO services, including SEO growth strategies, technical SEO, website migrations, and link building.

⭐Notable services:

  • SEO Management - includes keyword research, SEO strategy, On-page optimization, etc.
  • SEO Content - SEO optimization and content research using scalable content production system, and end-to-end content production.
  • SEO Website Migrations - assist you in converting your current website to a new, SEO-friendly website.
  • Link Building - helps you attract backlinks to your website and increase your DR.

7. SiegeMedia


Siege Media helps brands scale with SEO, content marketing, and PR. 

Their case studies detail their work with some of the top-ranked organizations and startups, including those in the financial industry and many in SaaS and e-commerce.

Working with Siege Media on the growth of your financial firm includes website or blog design and optimization, followed by a full-scope solution that includes content creation, content planning, SEO consultation, and marketing services.

Notable services:

  • SEO Strategy Services - content strategy, SEO consulting, and digital PR.
  • Marketing Services - content marketing, link building, and copywriting.
  • Content Design - offers services like content design, blog, and graphic design.

To Wrap Things Up

Finding a perfect match in the world of Fintech SEO agencies is never easy, as SEO is evolving on a daily basis.

Choosing the right one to work with corresponds to your needs, the fields you want to focus on, and your end goal.

Want to learn more about how Fintech SEO and content marketing may help your company grow?

Contact us for a free consultation and get our expert knowledge and insights that can help you take your business to the next level!

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Dominik Lambersy
Co-founder & CEO
“With Omnius, we saw immediate results - 64% higher conversion on a new website and 110% organic growth in 6 months. So, if you want an agency that understands startups, do yourself a favour and talk to them.”
Ivana Todorovic
co-founder & CEO
Professional sparring partner & advisor across several marketing channels. Very professional in their work to find automated solutions that are scalable”
Namdar Hazrati
“It’s been absolutely amazing to work with Omnius. Exactly what we needed in order to move quickly, and maintain that winning edge.”
Dusan Bijelic
“Omnius created an automated content machine for us. They don't just deliver content but they also dive deeper into strategy and explorations of potential routes for growth.”
Omar Farook
Co-founder & CEO
Truly valuable partner in helping us to achieve our SEO and analytics goals. Their expertise has allowed us to reach a wider audience and increase our sales.”
Mihajlo Nikodijevic

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