6 Best Programmatic SEO Tools To Grow at Scale

Discover the top 6 programmatic SEO tools that can help you scale your business. Learn how these tools can enhance your SEO strategy and drive growth.

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Doing traditional SEO and creating lots of content can consume your time, money, and resources.

So, why not try something else?

With programmatic SEO, you can create hundreds of new pages in no time.

Using some programmatic SEO tools can be helpful to make this process easier.

Let’s check them out!

What Are the Benefits of Programmatic SEO?

Programmatic SEO works on the principle of employing programming techniques to automate SEO strategies and effortlessly publish thousands of pages.

These are the most important benefits:

  • Easy Scalability - Programmatic SEO helps you make thousands of pages but requires you to collect the data.
  • Improved User Experience - By targeting specific queries with longer keywords and clear CTAs on pages, it helps you boost conversion rates.
  • Better Search Visibility - The more SEO-friendly pages you have, the better coverage you have in search results when people look for related keywords.
  • Generate More Leads - When you target highly transactional keywords and generate enough pages, the prospects are more likely to signup or purchase.

Airbnb made the most of its programmatic SEO strategy, and the benefits are admirable.

With all that potential, it’s crystal clear what great outcomes you can get by investing in programmatic SEO.

To make the process easier for you, we collected the best programmatic SEO tools that can help you turn your strategy into reality and provide results.

6 Best Programmatic SEO Tools To Grow at Scale

1. Bardeen

Bardeen is an AI automation extension tool that can be used to automate your workflow 

by connecting apps like Google Sheets, Notion, Hubspot, and other integrations.

It acts as a web scraping tool that lets you automatically gather text, links, and images from web pages without coding.

You can trigger automation manually, provide text inputs, or use information from your currently opened page.

These are Bardeen's automation features:

  • Playbooks - Automated actions that you start yourself when needed.
  • Autobooks - Actions that kick in automatically when certain events occur.
  • Magic Box - Allows you to make your automations and run them whenever needed.

A scraper template defines the specific data to be extracted from a webpage and its respective locations.

Bardeen’s Key Features

These are some of the Bardeen’s key features:

  • Scrape Data on an Active Tab - Extract data from the current page, which is ideal for single-page workflows.
  • Scrape Data on URLs in the Background - This will gather data from many links by quietly opening a new browser tab and grabbing info.
  • Trigger When Website Data Changes - Instead of manual checks, you can set up a trigger to scrape pages every 10 minutes for new information.
  • Scrape Data Lists - Use Bardeen to gather a list of items from a website and neatly organize them into rows of data for your other apps.

Bardeen’s Pricing

Bardeen offers free pricing options for individuals up to 15$ per month for business teams.


2. Airtable

Airtable is a cloud-based platform that many people use to create databases, track projects, and manage contacts.

With a drag-and-drop system, it's super easy to use, so anyone can create what they want.

When it comes to programmatic SEO usage, Airtable lets you add several types of data to each field, such as:

  • Text 
  • Numbers 
  • Date and times 
  • Checkboxes 
  • Dropdown lists 
  • File attachments

By having all the data in one place, it’s much easier for you to push it live to the website pages.

Airtable Key Features

These are some of the Airtable's key features:

  • Customizable Templates and Forms - Prebuilt features offer templates and forms for an easy start that you can use to gather data and then put it on your website.
  • Collaboration Features - You can assign tasks and roles, exchange project statuses, and track activity history.
  • Automation - When you mark a blog post as "Ready for Publishing" in Airtable, it can automatically create meta tags from the post's content and update them in Airtable.
  • Integrations - When you connect it to Zapier, you can make calendar events from new stuff you put in Airtable or add new things from forms you fill out.
  • Flexible Views - This flexibility lets you customize how the data looks depending on what you need and who's using or seeing it.
  • Performance Tracking - It can be integrated with Google Analytics to monitor the performance of your website and information about your visitors

This allows you to track the performance of your content over time and make data-driven decisions for future SEO strategies.

Airtable Pricing

Airtable offers a free plan plus a variety of payment options depending on your preferences.


3. WP All Import

WP All Import is a WordPress automation plugin that provides everything you need to create a page template and import data from your database.

It helps you automate processes for your WordPress website by uploading pages and data on it at scale.

WP All Import Key Features

These are some of the WP All Import key features:

  • Easy Drag & Drop - Make tough imports quick and easy.
  • Versatile Content Import - This allows you to import content types from XML, CSV, and Excel files.
  • Customizable Data Mapping - You can match your imported data to the custom fields in WordPress to allocate to your wishes.
  • Support for Custom Post Types - It's great with WordPress custom post types, so you can bring in all sorts of specialized content, not just regular posts and pages.
  • Automated Scheduling - This tool lets you schedule imports so your website stays fresh with new content without needing manual updates.

This is how to bulk import content in WordPress using WP All import.

  • Install the WP All Import plugin in your WordPress.
  • Use Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel to prepare the spreadsheet data.
  • Import the XML/CSV file using the WP All Import plugin.
  • Add elements that you wish to import/Add filtering options.
  • Make your page template with the simple drag-and-drop tool.
  • Detect unique identifier and run import.

WP All Import Pricing

WP All Import offers both packages and standalone options but does not offer free service.

4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is well-known as a thorough SEO tool that specializes in keyword research.

It comes with a tool called Keyword Explorer and a Matching Terms report to help you find easy-to-rank keywords with specific modifiers that you can use for programmatic SEO purposes.

In programmatic SEO, keywords have two parts:

  1. Head Terms - These are high-volume keywords, usually two words long, but hard to rank for.
  2. Modifiers - They add details to head terms to make them more specific.

Head term + modifier = long-tail keyword.

Using Ahrefs, it’s easy to find these keywords at scale, and you can simply export them into CSV or any other file to include them within the content.

Ahrefs Key Features

These are some of Ahref's key features:

  • Extensive Keyword Database - Allows you to research keywords for all kinds of topics, both long and short-tail ones.
  • Competitive Analysis - It helps you check out what keywords your competition is using so you can see which ones they're doing well with.
  • Search Volume and Difficulty - Gives you information on how often people search for a keyword and how hard it is to rank, so you can pick the best ones for your content.
  • Content Gap Analysis - The Ahrefs tool helps you find great keywords by checking the ones you use on your site and comparing them to your competitors' choices.

Ahrefs Pricing

Ahrefs does not offer a free plan but their plans cover all business size demands.

5. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a clever language model created by OpenAI.

ChatGPT helps SEO professionals and content creators to put content creation, improvement, and data analysis on automation.

Using ChatGPT, you can automate some of your tasks, create content for your pages, and easily organize your content within spreadsheets to be ready for publishing.

ChatGPT Key Features

These are ChatGPT's notable features:

  • Content Generation - Use your ideas, and ChatGPT will create blogs, articles, and more that search engines like.
  • Keyword Optimization - With the right keywords provided within your prompt, your content should satisfy specific searches, boosting your site's visibility and rankings on search engines.
  • Natural Language Understanding - NLP techniques make the text sound more real, which is important for search engines and people reading it.
  • Content Variability - Using proper prompts to test your content before publishing, you can prevent duplicate content and keep it fresh, which boosts your SEO performance.

You can maximize ChatGPT programmatic features by integrating them with Google Sheets.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Setup Your Google Sheets

Open a new Google Sheet project and give it a name. 

Prepare columns for your data, such as "Topic" for content development and "Data Point" for analysis.

Step 2: Access Script Editor

From Google Sheets' main menu, select Extensions > Apps Script.

This opens the script editor.

Step 3: Insert Code for OpenAI Integration

function callOpenAI(text) {
var apiUrl = 'https://api.openai.com/v1/engines/davinci/completions';
var payload = {
"prompt": text,
"max_tokens": 150

var headers = {
"Authorization": "Bearer YOUR_OPENAI_API_KEY", 
"Content-Type": "application/json"

var options = {
"method" : "post",
"headers" : headers,
"payload" : JSON.stringify(payload),
  "muteHttpExceptions": true

    var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(apiUrl, options);
return JSON.parse(response).choices[0].text.trim();

Replace YOUR_OPENAI_API_KEY with your actual API key.

Step 4: Utilize the Function in Google Sheets

Go back to your Google Sheet and type =callOpenAI(A1) in any cell.

Make sure A1 contains the text or question you want to send to OpenAI.

Step 5: You are All Set

Now that you've set up the function, you can drag the formula to other cells to ask OpenAI for different things.

ChatGPT Pricing

ChatGPT offers a free plan for GPT-3.5 model while subscribing to GPT-4 Plus version would cost you 20$ per month.

6. Placid

Placid is a handy tool that automatically makes personalized images for articles, social media, and web content.

It's special because it can add text and logos to customizable image templates on the fly.

Placid Key Features

These are Placid’s notable features:

  • Fully Customizable Image Layouts - You can customize how your images look, like where the text and logos go.
  • Dynamic Content Insertion - It lets you add text and logos to images through generated URLs.
  • Bulk Creation Capabilities - You can make lots of images at once, which is great for big content projects.

You can make the most of Placid by integrating it with another tool like Airtable.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Set up Airtable Integration - Create a new Placid project or add the integration to an existing one under the ‘’Project Settings’’.

Step 2: Create a Template for Your Images - Use the drag-and-drop system to create your template, or use one of the presets.

Step 3: Connect Airtable - Go to ‘’Project Settings’’ and click on ‘’Connect to Airtable’’ in the integration settings.

Step 4: Create an Automation Action - Choose the title of your action and interval whether the action should run automatically or only generate photographs when you start it manually. 

Step 5: Run your Automation - Try out the test feature to see previews of how your creations will look.

Placid Pricing

Placid offers monthly and yearly price solutions depending on your personal needs.

Final Thoughts

Programmatic SEO might sound complicated, but it doesn't have to be hard.

With the right tools, you can make it simpler and faster.

There are plenty of programmatic SEO tools, so try a few to see which ones best suit your needs.

Need help in executing your programmatic SEO strategy?

Omnius can help you choose the right one and put your strategy into practice.

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