13 Fintech Content Marketing Examples to Grow Your Business

Explore Fintech content marketing examples that redefine industry standards and learn how to leverage storytelling to resonate with your audience.

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You may have come across stories of companies effectively integrating fintech content marketing into their operations, but the question remains: how exactly did they achieve this?
The abundance of information on this topic can be overwhelming

This post will delve into fintech content marketing examples, focusing on material that genuinely converts readers into buyers.

Let's dive into the fintech content marketing examples and how they did it!

Top 13 Fintech Content Marketing Examples To Inspire You

Let's see different fintech content marketing examples and how they applied strategies for the betterment of their businesses.

1. Wise: Content Focusing on Discussions about Rivals

Wise is a money transfer app and platform that is typically used to send money overseas at a reduced cost.

We want to highlight a specific method they use that everyone can replicate: publishing articles that break down how to open and close an account with their competitors.

Here are some of the article titles:

A typical marketer would think this is ridiculous at first because they're putting competitors in the spotlight!

  • A content marketer, on the other hand, can see further meaning. 

When someone searches for "how to create a business account", that person is likely ready to begin utilizing Wise.

  • That person is at the Bottom of the Funnel and is ready to convert.

Second, by writing an article that addresses the reader's goal:

  •  Wise is claiming ownership of the story.

When someone searches for ‘’How to open a Westpac account’’:

  • They are reading on Wise's website.

We can state with considerable certainty that these types of articles are bringing in a good number of clients for Wise.

2. Curvo: Developing Content Ahead of Product Launch

Curvo is a Belgian investment software targeting millennials.

They are completely self-funded and have been doing content marketing since day one.

It is led by two founders who have continuously created articles, along with videos, social media, and other content, on their own.

They released the product after two years of development.

At first, there were 14 customers in a week.

Since then, numbers have increased to over 300 after several months.

Thomas, the co-founder of Curvo, revealed that all of the initial sign-ups came from Google/content marketing.

What is their secret?

Content prioritization since day 1.

They don't post information like "10 ways to save money" and "frugal tips."

It contains authentic information that is neatly formatted and written.

They've managed to acquire 5,000+ pageviews each month as a two-person team and they are ranking for very crucial keywords:

  • ETF Belgium
  • Portfolio visualizer

3. Moov: Content Designed to Assist in the Recruitment Process


Moov is a firm that assists developers in accepting, storing, and disbursing money.

They are a platform designed by developers for developers, with an emphasis on delivering excellent user experiences.

We don't have any information about their blog in terms of customer acquisition, but we do know that content marketing has played a significant part in hiring.

The director of marketing at Moov confirmed in a podcast that an article series titled "Why I joined Moov" played a huge influence in hiring.

As mentioned, new workers frequently referred to these articles while discussing why they wanted to work with Moov.

Here are the article examples:

Content marketing does not have to be limited to consumer acquisition, it can also play an important role in recruitment.

4. PensionBee: Utilizing Content for Influencer Marketing Strategies

PensionBee is a B2C fintech startup that assists consumers with saving for and managing their pensions.

Their entire material is excellent, but their influencer marketing method is noteworthy.

When their product first became available, they chose to collaborate with personal finance bloggers and they have been partners ever since.

Lynn Beattie is a well-known personal finance blogger in the United Kingdom who operates the Mrs Mummy Penny blog.

You can access blog pieces published by her on the PensionBee blog dating back to March 2017, just one year after the PensionBee product went live.

Other bloggers have also published guest pieces for them on their blogs.

These guest post exchanges most likely aided PensionBee in the beginning and have also assisted them in gaining over 10,000 backlinks 5 years later.

Here are some blog examples:

This proves that when your product is new or you don't have a large audience, influencer marketing can be an effective strategy to acquire traction.

5. Monobank and Gamification

Monobank, Ukraine's first mobile bank, was founded in 2017 with a single message: Banking may be enjoyable.

We know banking isn't the most pleasurable experience.

However, Monobank has attempted to change this through the use of gamification. Monobank's philosophy is based on offering relevant content to its customers through an engaging user experience

QR cat, their charming, colorful, and quirky animated mascot, is testimony of this.

This concept can also be found in the app's various features:

  • Shake to Pay -  Monobank has developed a technique in which two users merely shake their phones to initiate a transaction.
  • Reward Badges - You can earn reward badges by completing a variety of financial challenges, such as sharing a bill or spending money in different countries.
  • Sports Deposit Account - Users who walked a total of 10,000 steps each day received a 21% savings rate from Monobank, and those who failed 3 days in a row received a lesser rate.

Monobank is a fintech content marketing example that puts gamification to good use.

6. Plaid: Easy Payment Processing Through a CRM-type App

Plaid raises brand exposure and engagement with customer Q&As, narrative, problem-solving, and reports.

Their distinct visual identity grants personality to content.

Why are Plaid Blog Articles special?

  • They are written In the brand’s tone & voice
  • Their manner is straightforward
  • Articles contain more than one clickable tag
  • They are meant for more than one audience


Plaid provides material for users to better understand how Plaid works and keeps data secure.

It also provides custom content to developers, such as API documentation and resource libraries.

Their smooth platform allows you to:

  • Quickly get and examine banking data
  • Real-time data access
  • Up-to-date insights on your financial activity

Plaid integration with your applications is easy because of the developer-friendly APIs.

7. Curve and Social Media Marketing

Curve is a payment card that aggregates various payment cards via its accompanying mobile app.

Traditional banking's formal tone has been replaced by a lively, fun, energetic approach adapted to this new population.

The essential point here is that fintech is more human, approachable, and engaging than traditional equivalents.

They are relevant on almost all social media from TikTok to LinkedIn.

Katie Rosseau, Curve’s Creative Director, said:

”Our goal is to make branded social media suck less. Curve is here to disrupt the world of finance, so why wouldn’t our tweets do the same?”

Their target audience is millennial users who make up 37% of social media users.

This is why their TikTok is jam-packed with amusing, engaging, and relevant short films.

Curve's social media pages are full of memes, gifs, and postings aimed at increasing consumer involvement and brand awareness.

As you can see, Curve is a fintech content marketing example that excels with media marketing.

8. Spendesk: Comparison Posts that Rank for High Intent Keywords

Spendesk is a comprehensive spend management tool designed for finance departments. 

When we are trying to rank for a specific term, usually at the bottom of the funnel, their content constantly appears.

That's because they have a well-planned SEO strategy and rank for all of the right keywords.

Here are some of the keywords for which they are ranking:

  • Spend management providers

Example: 10 top spend management software solutions for 2022

  • Business travel solutions

Example: 10 excellent business travel management tools for 2022

  • Business travel solution

Example: 10 smart accounting automation software systems to try

Spendesk is targeting these keywords with blog articles rather than landing sites.

This is consistent with our observation that blog entries perform better than landing pages in terms of ranking and conversion

Spendesk ranks for outstanding tool and product keywords that have a high intent.

You can capture high-quality leads by writing a lengthy post that targets that keyword and then placing your solution at the top.

These types of articles account for a significant portion of their organic conversions.

9. OneDegree: Hong Kong Digital Insurer

OneDegree offers a simple but robust blog that is organized to assist users in easily locating the most relevant content.

Blog posts are divided into sections such as:

  • Pet Classroom
  • Home Buyers Tips
  • Health Hub
  • Pet Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Fire Insurance
  • Home Insurance

These blogs provide you with:

  • Helpful Recommendations - Straightforward tales that are conversational and interesting, and you don’t feel as if you’re reading some dull financial document.
  • Sophisticated Insurance - They present you with insurance information in an understandable manner that is not overly promotional.
  • Healthcare Information - To assist people in making better insurance decisions.
  • Insurance 101 Component - This simplifies major insurance jargon into simple consumer language.

When done correctly, content marketing can improve awareness, increase engagement, and finally produce sales leads.

It has the potential to provide positive effects for the fintech industry in particular, where trust and consumer confidence are critical.

10. HashKey Group: Digital Asset Management and Blockchain Solutions Provider

HashKey Group is Asia's full-service digital asset management and financial firm.

They have a large insights and research section with:

  • Weekly market round-ups
  • How-to guides
  • White papers
  • Published research
  • Podcasts

The reports are free and freely accessible.

Their industry professionals talk and share insights on various issues of the most recent in-depth study on blockchain and virtual assets in a separate blockchain research center.

HashKey allows readers to subscribe and receive notifications for future posts, which is an excellent approach to establishing a fan base.

HashKey provides free instructional resources:

  • HashKey Academy - Offers answers to questions on how you should invest in cryptocurrencies and general knowledge of how investment strategies should look.
  • HashKey Learn - Includes lesson videos on topics such as tokenization, privacy, smart contract networks, and Ethereum upgrades.

As noted, HashKey is a fintech content marketing example of a platform dedicated to assisting businesses in growing while adhering to increasing rules and complexities in their industry.

11. Argyle: Leverage Payroll Connections to Unlock Real-Time Income and Employment Data

Argyle is a B2B fintech firm that offers a centralized global access point to employment data.

They give the worker a single overview of their whole working history, allowing firms to evaluate a person based on several sources of revenue.

However, Argyle is a corporation that excels at content creation.

You'll find advanced stuff for an advanced audience on their blog.

What separates Argyle content:

  • It is based on conversations with their customers
  • Monthly brainstorming sessions
  • Direct answers to direct customer problems

At Argyle, they highly advise B2B sales companies to develop content that answers your customers' most often-asked questions and pain areas.

That is frequently sufficient as long as the information is well-written and valuable.

Examples of Argyle Content:

12. Zettle and Experiential Marketing

Zettle creates game-changing commerce technologies like mobile card readers and point-of-sale software that allow small businesses to compete with the big market.

As part of an advertising campaign, experiential marketing tries to provide an immersive experience for customers.

So what did Zettle do?


They invited a few small enterprises to trade at their event, accepting tablet and smartphone payments through Zettle.

This event served as a live demonstration of their new product.

The intended audience could provide immediate feedback on their positive experiences with this technology.

There was no better opportunity to demonstrate the worth of their brand to the journalists and industry professionals in attendance.

This public relations stunt generated a lot of interest in the product.

There were 80 articles about Zettle published in outlets such as BBC News Online and The Financial Times.

This word-of-mouth marketing resulted in a 425% rise in sales and a significant boost in website traffic for Zettle.

Furthermore, when compared to traditional marketing tactics, experiential marketing is relatively inexpensive.

Zettle's stunt had a budget of only £25,000 to pull off this fantastic event. 

Is experiential marketing the missing piece in your fintech marketing strategy?

If you answered yes, the following step is obvious.

  • Consider your value proposition for your target audience first
  • Begin arranging an amazing event to display this

13. Goodbox: How to Promote Your Brand through Charity

Goodbox is a technology firm focused on developing solutions that assist charities and fundraisers, whether corporations or individuals.

Altruism runs through our genes, we can’t avoid it.

As a result, Goodbox publicizes charity activities that a company undertakes to reach different demographics.

GoodBox has developed a solution for charity organizers as they have designed digital charity boxes that allow for contactless donations.

Until today hundreds of charities reached out to Goodbox, which raised multiple million pounds in donations.

Their social media accounts are brimming with case studies of nonprofit organizations they've helped.

Their Twitter feed, for example, includes messages about GoodBox payment terminals being used by charities ranging from The Stroke Association to local parish fundraisers.

So, how does charitable business nature increase their brand awareness?

  • Improves Customer Loyalty to Your Brand
  • Positive brand awareness brings new customers
  • Increases Brand Recognition
  • Positive Word of Mouth Promotion

Goodbox stands out when compared to other fintech content marketing examples because it includes real human emotions in its business.

One Final Step

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