9 Types of SaaS Content You Should Start Creating Today for Your Business

Explore the essential types of SaaS content you should start creating today to help you boost your online presence and engage your audience.

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Are you struggling to improve your content performance and attract new leads through it?

Many SaaS businesses have this problem, as they’re unsure what type of content to create for best results.

And even when they do, they don’t know how to do it properly.

But don’t worry.

Whether you're striving to engage, educate, or convert, this guide delves deep into specific SaaS content types and strategies that can help you thrive in the SaaS world.

Let’s jump into it.

9 Types of SaaS Content You Should Implement to Your Content Strategy 

1. Pillar and Cluster Articles As Centerpiece of Your Content Strategy

The pillar cluster model, also known as the topic cluster model, constitutes an SEO strategy geared toward structuring online content into groups related to a single topic.

In this framework, each distinct subject is anchored by a pillar page, serving as a comprehensive overview of a central concept.

Accompanying the clusters helps you provide in-depth information on specific subtopics and create topical authority.


Not only does this show your readers that you’re a resource to go for a specific topic, but it also helps search engines understand your website’s expertise.

Usually leading to higher rankings.

The main advantage of the clustering model lies in the ability to harness internal linking, allowing seamless connections to the next article of interest to the reader.

In addition, hyperlinks for these internal connections encourage exploration of your other content.

Here’s a basic example of a pillar article outline:

Articles with such a structure answer the most common question queries on search engines such as “What is,” “How to,” etc.

Pillar articles provide readers with a broad overview of the topic, allowing them to go more in-depth by visiting cluster articles that are interlinked within.

These cluster articles are more specific topics that cover each subtopic readers are interested in.

2. Comparison & Alternative Articles

Comparison and alternative articles represent a highly effective part of content strategy for SaaS businesses

Primarily because potential customers commonly employ these search terms when assessing various SaaS offerings.

Search terms such as:

  • Product X vs Product Y
  • X Alternatives for Y

The greatness of these kinds of articles lies in allowing small SaaS products to position themselves as an alternative to already-known solutions.

Such articles highlight the key features and benefits your ideal customers seek while demonstrating how your product outperforms competitors in these areas

These posts allow you to showcase your product's benefits regarding unique features, support, or future development to help readers make the best decision for their needs.

Due to their specific search intent and the fact they lean more on the technical side of the talk, these articles target readers who are at the bottom of the funnel.

3. How-to Educational Posts

“How-to” posts take the opportunity to highlight your target customer’s pains and how to solve specific problems that your product can help them with.

A series of how-to posts with actionable tips is a definite hit since it offers direct answers to prospects’ questions.

How can you find the right questions to give your readers an answer?

Oddly enough, you already have access to all the data that you need.

✅ First, look at the posts your customers and subscribers ask in the comments.

✅ In the second stage, you can turn to Google Search Console to see what questions cover a larger percentage of search engine queries. 

Focus on how-to questions that are most relevant to your product in your niche.

These comprehensive resources identify a problem and describe practical solutions, including successfully implementing your tool.

Such content aims to:

🎯 Establish your expertise.

🎯 Boost organic traffic through SEO.

🎯 Increase interest in newsletter subscriptions,

🎯 Creates a base for attracting backlinks,

🎯 Open new conversions in segments where your tool excels.

Writing content with answers is easy once you arm yourself with the queries your ideal customers search for.

4. Survey The Public To Get To Know Each Other

Interactive surveys are a fantastic tool for SaaS companies.

Data gathered in questionnaires are helpful for all segments in any SaaS company.

Depending on your goal, you can create surveys for visitors in different segments of the marketing funnel.

For instance, general questions about common practices and procedures in the segment of the SaaS industry you are involved in help you introduce your company to potential new users.

Such posts show your interest in their opinions and help you plan the next marketing and software development steps.

On the other hand, a highly technical survey targets people who have already taken a few steps towards signing up with your company.

Using this kind of content can help you identify your audience's needs and meet them better to create a more personalized way of communicating with them.

5. Include a Glossary To Improve Understanding

We have talked at length about how important it is to keep tech or industry jargon to a minimum, but you cannot write posts or articles without any niche-specific words. 

To avoid any confusion, SaaS companies usually create Glossary pages with definitions or quick searches for internal links related to selected terms.

The best practice is using alphabetical sorting for easier scanning and inserting each word when possible.

Another instance of glossary is keeping terms related to articles in the corner of every content page.

If you want to go with the second version, make sure you place less than ten expressions so it does not overcrowd the page or overshadow content.

6. Creative Infographics As Major Impact Content

Infographics are visual presentations of data that you can use as stand-alone or as support content for your articles and whitepapers.

In the SaaS industry, data sets are large, and, as such, sometimes they’re hard to digest in the time visitors spend reading your content.

Complex topics may sometimes look too boring for your readers, and the main message may escape the reader.

It’s great that you can manage to condense it into one visual reader that gets the right message in a few seconds.


Infographics can act as content by themselves, but you can also use them as part of articles to keep the reader engaged and, at the same time, deepen your article's impact.

If you've published survey-based posts or statistics roundups, you can easily transform the data from these sources into creative, visually appealing infographics.

This breathes new life into your data and maximizes its utility by catering to diverse learning preferences and expanding its reach across various platforms and marketing channels.

7. Short-course Academy

SaaS enterprises with long-term plans are establishing dedicated learning hubs or academies.

This strategic approach not only fosters a deeper connection with their audience but also maintains a prominent position in the minds of prospective clients.

Educating your potential visitors through targeted courses creates a base of loyal customers.

One particularly effective method involves the creation of certification courses complete with shareable badges.

This approach drives higher conversion rates with: 

  • Power of word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Utilizing social platforms as a dynamic channel for promoting brand awareness.
  • Establishing authority within the industry.

SaaS businesses not only empower their potential customers with valuable knowledge but also tap into the organic reach that comes from their audience proudly displaying their hard-earned certifications online.

In addition, it enhances its reputation, ultimately translating into more successful conversions and sustained brand loyalty.

8. Utilize Case Studies for Better Conversions

Case studies are detailed examinations of how your product helped customers achieve their goals.

You should use Case studies to target your ideal customer with expert analysis and insights that show them step-by-step how users like them used your product successfully.

So, to create such content, you need help from your current users to get actual statistics and proof for your claims. 

Surveys about customers' satisfaction and preferred features can give you the necessary data. 

So, work with your customers to get written or even better videos describing:

  • How do they use your product?
  • What features do they like the most?
  • How did your company collaborate with them to achieve optimal outcomes?
  • What specific numbers did they achieve by using your product?

Popular takes on case study articles in SaaS are your journey and how your company and customers grew together.

In such a story, you can admit mistakes and struggles you experienced along the way, but in the end, you managed to service your customers and become a better partner for them.

In essence, case study content is YOU through your customers’ success.

Check out how we grew SaaS AI tool organic traffic from 0-60k monthly organic visits.

9. Collect and Share Third-Party Expert Insights

With a decent level of certainty, we can say that you are an expert in the SaaS industry, and yet there are others with the same title whose word carries more weight.

Experts like Seth Godin or Mamoon Hamid add massive credibility to any SaaS company through collaboration or content. 

So, how do you incorporate experts in your marketing content for SaaS?

The first option is to collaborate and offer your platform to such experts to write opinion articles on the ins and outs of the industry sector in the form of guest articles.


Collaborations like that are beneficial for both sides. You get a renowned name to endorse you, and the author gets the chance to build a relationship with your audience.

The second option you can use is an interview in the form of an expert roundup article or podcast.


Interviews with industry leaders can offer a unique story from behind the scenes that is always interesting, regardless of the subject.

And what’s great is that expert roundups are usually pretty easy to create.

Here’s how to easily do it:

  • Contact different experts from your niche 
  • Send them up to 3 questions related to the specific topic
  • Structure the answers and include them within the article
  • Contact experts and send them the final draft before publishing

The effect of both types of content is that there is a high probability your partner will share the article on their social media and with their audience.

It will help you attract their audience and bring more partnerships and experts to your disposal.

To Wrap It Up

Hopefully, we have given you enough information to get fresh wind into your Saas marketing sails to improve your strategy and grow faster.

A comprehensive & systemic approach to organic growth in all aspects of content marketing, from planning to publishing, ensures you deliver value to your audience.

And for that, you might think about outsourcing content writers to your team.

If you’re considering going in that direction, then we might be of help.

Schedule a 30-minute call to learn how you can incorporate these types of SaaS content into your marketing strategy and how we can help you in that way.

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