10 SaaS Marketing Trends You Need To Know About

Explore the SaaS marketing trends for 2024 and unlock the insights you need to elevate your marketing game and improve your acquisition.

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Currently, over 70% of companies are utilizing SaaS products, and this figure is anticipated to rise to 85% by 2025.

If your SaaS marketing strategies remain stagnant, it's not a matter of if you'll fall behind but rather when.

This guide offers actionable insights and practical advice about the latest SaaS marketing trends to help you capitalize on the opportunities that lie ahead.

Let’s see what they are about!

Current State of SaaS Marketing

Here are some of the pivotal developments and changes that have been shaping this landscape:

  • Evolving Consumer Expectations - Users seek seamless, user-friendly experiences and this has become a central theme in SaaS marketing.
  • Expansion of Competition - To retain consumers, SaaS companies must innovate and prioritize user experiences.
  • Technology Advancements - AI-powered solutions are getting integrated into SaaS applications to offer customer support and address frequently asked questions (FAQs).
  • Regulatory and Economic Conditions - SaaS companies must comply with local regulations, considering currency fluctuations and inflation's impact on pricing and profitability.

Top SaaS Marketing Trends in 2024

In 2024, many game-changing innovations will affect the SaaS market, redefining how businesses operate and provide value to their consumers.

Time to list them out!

Trend #1 – AI and Machine Learning Integration in SaaS Marketing

According to a Precedence Research report, the AI software market will be worth more than $316 billion in 2024 and more than $1,000 billion by 2032.

A significant 87% of SaaS companies have reported heightened growth rates through the implementation of personalization through AI.

Let's take a look at what you can do with these technologies:

  • Utilize Automation - You can use AI and machine learning to automate activities like email campaigns, ad optimization, and client segmentation.
  • Analyze Customer Data - Through AI and ML, you can reach for more focused advertisements and better understand customer behavior.
  • Create Virtual Assistants - Utilize AI and machine learning to build virtual assistants that can help deliver tailored customer support and answer your client's concerns.
  • Personalize Experiences - Analyze consumer data to find trends that can be utilized to personalize content and offerings, resulting in better-specialized customer experiences.

It makes sense to gain knowledge from case studies that offer insights into a variety of applications, such as implementing chatbots or using predictive analytics.

Such an example is HubSpot, which uses AI to recommend the optimum times to send emails, improving the likelihood that those emails will be opened and read based on the recipient's previous behavior.

Trend #2 – Video Marketing and Interactive Content

Did you know that visitors spend 260% more time on web pages that have videos on them?

Video and interactive content simplify complex information, enhancing user understanding and retention.

Here are the tactics that you can employ through video marketing:

  • Make explainer videos to simplify complex SaaS solutions.
  • Optimize your video content for several platforms and devices.
  • Host webinars and live Q&A sessions to help you engage your target audience.
  • Create interactive infographics and quizzes to stimulate user interaction.
  • Collect feedback and assess viewer interaction to help improve future programming.

Effective SaaS video marketing strategies demonstrate the power of video to drive growth and engagement.

Example: Dropbox's "Work in Progress" video series highlights the company's SaaS product capabilities enjoyably and engagingly.

Trend #3 – Native Advertising

Over 68% of users prefer native ads to the alternatives.

In this advertising strategy, adverts are placed in a way that is extremely consistent with the platform and the content of the page on which they are displayed. 

Native ads have already been shown to generate three times more revenue than display banner ads.

Here are some best practices to keep in mind before implementing a B2B native advertising strategy:

  • Map Your Campaigns to the Customer Journey - Identify your goals and determine where your ideal audience is in the buyer's journey.
  • Provide Fit Details - Make sure the information you're writing is appropriate for the tone, style, and editorial "voice" of the publication it will appear in.
  • Create Quality Content - Use high-quality photographs, meticulously copyedit your content, and avoid meme-of-the-week references that will quickly become outdated.
  • Monitor User Behavior - Continue tracking user behavior and conversions linked with native ad content, even after the marketing campaign that created it has concluded.
  • Give Your Campaigns Time to Realize Their Full Potential - Avoid jumping to conclusions and making optimizations after your campaign has barely been up for a few hours.


Utilize Google Ads Manager for native advertising. Upload your creative elements, and Google will handle the rest, displaying ads across its vast network of websites and apps.

Trend #4 – Customer Retention Optimization Will be Prioritized

Did you know that it costs up to 5 times more to acquire a new client than to keep existing ones?

Customer churn is a significant issue for B2B SaaS organizations since it directly affects revenue and growth.

This is another area where embracing AI might be beneficial, as conversational AI can improve user experiences.

Here's how to do it:

🛠️Improve the Onboarding Process - Optimize procedures for new clients, provide a dedicated support system, and meet clients’ requirements.

🛠️Provide Education and Training - Conduct regular training webinars, tutorials, and manuals followed by certification programs to support continuous product learning and development.

🛠️Personalize the Customer Experience - Offer exceptional customer support through communication, personalized solutions, feedback integration, and 24/7 customer service.

Note: Personalizing the customer experience increases loyalty and retention rates in B2B SaaS.

Trend #5 – Smart Chatbots

AI-powered chatbots are revolutionizing organizations by enhancing client relations, streamlining processes, and boosting revenue through their versatile features.

Let's see what chatbots can provide for your SaaS business:

  • Pre-Sales Product Information - Address consumer inquiries about cost, software capabilities, and the estimated ROI of shifting to the tool.
  • Streamline the Onboarding Experience - Chatbots expedite onboarding by offering trial features and recommending self-service information.
  • Offer Post-Sale Customer Help - Chatbots reduce churn among your customer base as they become familiar with your software by taking care of them.
  • Introduce New Product Features - They can notify clients of new features while they use the product, increasing customer happiness.
  • Find Cross-Sell and Upsell Moments - Chatbots can perform the duties of a sales professional by alerting clients to new goods they have not yet tried.


ChatGPT - An AI language model that uses deep learning to comprehend and produce human-like text responses can be used to provide growth strategies for SaaS.

Trend #6 – Optimize Feature Pages to Capture Conversions

The fundamental aspects of your product offering are typically aligned with keywords that prospective buyers look for.

Creating SEO-optimized feature pages allows you to rank for terms that are at the bottom of the sales funnel and have a high conversion rate.

There are several best practices when optimizing your feature pages for high-intent keywords:

  • Conduct keyword research based on your target audience. (e.g., “best free keyword research tools for startups).
  • You should back this up with consumer feedback and extensive customer profiles.
  • Create feature pages that captivate your audience while also addressing your client's pain points and interests.
  • The FAQ section is where you may put a copy that can assist your content rank in search engines for long-tail keywords.

Your sales page should have a clear description of the advantages of your feature, social proof, and a FAQ section.

Squarespace is an example of such a page, and it represents an extremely popular drag-and-drop website builder with lots of animation and images.

Trend #7 – Thought Leadership Content Helps You Stand Out

Thought leadership enables SaaS organizations to promote themselves as industry experts. 

To leverage thought leadership, prioritize producing high-quality, insightful, and innovative material that provides value.

Here are the aspects to consider when developing your strategy:

  • Identify your Audience - Discover your target audience, where they reside, their interests, and, most importantly, their business needs and pain areas.
  • Identify Content Gaps - Becoming aware of your gaps can assist your team in determining the next types of content that should be created.
  • Analyze Your Competitors - Evaluate their strengths and shortcomings and determine how to use thought leadership to your advantage.
  • Provide Industry Insights and Teach Your Audience - Some experts use their personal research tools to create the latest thought leadership articles with fresh info.


AuthoredUp utilizes these techniques and offers fresh insights into the latest industry trends, such as understanding LinkedIn post trends in 2024.

Trend #8 – Shift Toward Vertical SaaS Solutions

According to Apptension, the Vertical SaaS market is estimated to reach $157.4 billion by 2025, expanding at a CAGR of 23.9%.

Vertical software solutions are hyperfocused on addressing the pain points or specialized demands of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) in specific industries or niches.

Let's examine how to put a vertical strategy into practice for your SaaS company:

  • Pick the Right Vertical - Research your market, choose your vertical, analyze top SaaS companies, and differentiate your product.
  • Stick to One Vertical - Adapting your product for each new vertical limits your ability to address their specific issues.
  • Implement a Customer-centric Approach - Center marketing on customers, conduct surveys, and use feedback to refine product and marketing strategies.
  • Maximize SEO - Identify the search terms and optimize on-page SEO components like headers, descriptions, and meta titles, as well as add keyword-rich content.

Let's say that you developed a time-tracking tool for writers.

Vertical expansion would involve developing a to-do list specifically designed for writers and integrating it with various platforms such as Google Docs.

This integration would enable writers to track their time and other relevant metrics, ultimately helping them measure their productivity more effectively.

Trend #9 – Importance of Mobile-First Approach in SaaS

The design concept known as the "mobile-first approach" emphasizes developing mobile experiences ahead of desktop experiences.

According to Statista, there are currently over 15 billion mobile devices in use globally, and by 2025, this figure is predicted to reach over 18 billion.

Use these best practices when developing SaaS solutions to make them mobile-friendly:

  • Implement responsive design for cross-device compatibility.
  • Prioritize intuitive navigation and fast loading times.
  • Incorporate features like autocomplete and voice recognition to minimize text input.
  • Utilize geo-targeting for location-specific messaging and offers.

Some successful mobile-first SaaS products are:

Trend #10 – Create Multilingual SaaS Sites

Companies with websites in many languages experience a 70% increase in average conversion rates.

For multilingual support, localize your website, considering cultural differences in translation.

You can always outsource much of this to a SaaS marketing agency of your choice.

Here is how a B2B multilingual marketing plan can bring you closer to your potential customers:

  • Develop Cold Email Outreach - Placing the message in a targeted language assists you in connecting more effectively with your potential consumers.
  • Find Gaps in the Local Marketing Campaigns - Narrow your research to a local market, develop unique selling points for each, and catch the difference.
  • Utilize Multilingual SEO - Determine the best keywords for each market, keeping in mind that they differ depending on the language.

Example: Zendesk stands out for its multilingual support, offering translations in 15+ languages and seamless synchronization of articles and images via Crowdin and Zendesk Guide.

Use the Latest SaaS Marketing Trends to Get Ahead of Your Competitors.

By leveraging the power of SaaS marketing trends, you can drive growth and keep your SaaS company competitive.

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