8 Technical SEO Agencies to Keep Your Website Health on Point

Find the best technical SEO agencies that can help you set the ground base for your growth and improve your website's performance and search rankings.

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When it comes to technical SEO it's all about making sure your website is easy for search engines to find, understand, and rank. 

By speeding up your site and making it work well on mobile devices, technical SEO helps your website perform better, laying the groundwork for ranking higher in search results.

But how to know which Technical SEO agency to hire to help you set the ground base for growth?

We've gathered 8 top technical SEO agencies that can help you optimize your website core, setting everything you need to start growing through SEO.

Let’s check them out!

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO involves fine-tuning your website and server to enhance its accessibility and usability for both search engine crawlers and site visitors.

By prioritizing technical SEO, you can boost your website’s search engine ranking by delivering outstanding user experience (UX) and a ground base to rank your top-notch content.

Why Should You Use a Technical SEO Agency?

A good SEO agency will help you get the most out of your budget and dominate search engine results.

In comparison, relying only on in-house team without technical knowledge can be a waste of time and resources.

Effective technical SEO agencies:

  • Understand which issues to prioritize.
  • Implement a comprehensive SEO strategy.
  • Have the right tools and know-how to resolve technical issues.
  • Work constantly on monitoring and keeping your website functional and without technical issues.

Here's why:

  • Technical errors and messy website structure hide your top content from search engines, hurting your visibility.
  • Ignoring certain SEO problems can make your website rank lower. For instance, fixing website speed might be more important than optimizing some specific content.
  • Fast loading and mobile-friendliness boosts clicks and time spent on site. Google sees this as an important factor that helps you r ank your site higher.

8 Technical SEO Agencies to Keep Your Website on Point

Now that you understand why you should choose a technical SEO agency, let us introduce them to you.

1. Omnius


Omnius is a B2B marketing agency and startup studio that excels in technical SEO, performing website audits that discover every major difficulty your site faces.

Once we create a solid plan, we help revamp your website, fix broken or slow URLs, and speed up your site.

After completing the technical groundwork, we work on creating the SEO strategy and optimizing pages so they can rank well.

Here’s how Omnius can assist your website with SEO:

  • Organize Your Site Structure - We can improve your UX by creating an internal linking structure, fixing content cannibalization, and categorizing URL structures to aid site navigation.
  • Monitor and Fix Core Web Vitals - By assessing Google’s ranking factors we take care of page loading speed, responsiveness, and visual stability to make sure your website works smoothly.
  • Maintain Mobile-friendliness - We make your site adaptable to all screen sizes using responsive design, enhance speed, and optimize pop-ups for better user experience.
  • Create Technical Audits and Implementation Plans - The full technical website audit our team makes helps you know which issues affect SEO the most and how we'll solve them.
  • Constantly Track Website Ranking - We constantly track indexation, crawlability, manage duplicate content, or whatever is necessary for your website to grow.

Some of our recognizable clients, like Myos and AuthoredUp, had technical SEO issues that prevented their organic growth and lead generation.

After resolving website technical issues, Myos increased their signups by 227.9% in 6 months while AuthoredUp increased their conversion rate by 64%.

If you’re a SaaS, Fintech, AI, or MarTech business, feel free to schedule a call with us and get a free technical SEO audit to help you improve your website.


Omnius offers flexible payment plans tailored precisely to your needs.


2. Asper Brothers


Asper Brothers is a specialized Fintech SEO agency focused on startups from the initial stage, starting with product design, development, and ongoing maintenance.

They offer technical SEO services, on-page optimization, performance, and Core Web Vitals optimization.

Their technical SEO reports are crafted manually, allowing you to understand it regardless of your technical expertise, with an in-depth plan to fix issues.

Since Asper Brothers specializes in software development, they bring a deep understanding of website functionality to their SEO audits.

Here’s how Asper Brothers can assist your website with SEO:

  • Basic to Complete Website Audit - They analyze SEO performance and make a report with technical tips and a change plan.
  • JavaScript Optimization - According to Asper Brothers' analysis, Removing unnecessary JavaScript from your pages can make your website load faster, which helps with speed and efficiency.
  • Web Performance Optimization - This process boosts website speed and efficiency for better user experience, lower bounce rates, and higher conversions.
  • Core Web Vitals Improvement - Asper Brothers helps you improve your website’s user experience by improving loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability.

Some of their notable clients include Aviva, Xref, Altum AI, Exide, and CaseMGR.


They provide fixed packages priced at $5,000 or $15,000, along with a more flexible service at $100 per hour.

3. Pearl Lemon


Pearl Lemon is an SEO agency that specializes in technical SEO services, helping you solve issues and improve your site’s rankings. 

The team at Pearl Lemon always tries new things and challenges the usual ways of doing business. 

Their aim is to change the way digital marketing is done. 

Pearl Lemon provides various services with the aim of improving search engines' ability to crawl and index your site:

  • Website Migrations - If you rush your site migration without proper planning and precautions, you could harm your organic rankings, which Pearl Lemon helps you prevent.
  • Web Architecture - Your website's structure matters not only to search engines but also to your visitors' experience on the site.
  • Penalty Removal - Their team uses technical SEO skills to manually fix your search engine issues efficiently.
  • Duplicate content - Pearl Lemon helps businesses solve duplicate problem issues that many sites face. 
  • Technical SEO Consultancy - The team of technical SEO experts checks your site thoroughly and helps you out with any issues they find.

More notable Pearl Lemon’s clients are ST Emilion Capital, EmergeOne, Selfie Booth, and LoanPig.


Their pricing is flexible based on your website's technical needs.

4. Tuff


Tuff is an SEO agency that focuses on improving your website's infrastructure to give your content the best chances to rank for relevant keywords and get higher visibility.

What sets them apart is their strong emphasis on technical SEO basics, such as ensuring search engines can crawl and index your site pages effortlessly.

Tuff describes itself as very team-oriented, clear about what they do, and they base their work on data.

They share their SEO expertise with both new businesses and well-known brands.

One of their service focuses is laying the ground base for organic scalability by applying technical website optimization services, which include:

  • Review of crawl errors to provide actionable advice through site audits.
  • Verification of HTTPS status, XML sitemap, load time, metadata, and links.
  • Actions that make your site work well on both web and mobile.
  • Weekly SEO improvements.

Some of the notable companies they cooperated with are Soona, Multiverse, Nova Credit, and THNKS.


Tuff prices are project-based and, therefore, customizable.

5. Markitors


Markitors is an SEO agency for small businesses that provides various organic marketing services such as content optimization, digital PR, and technical SEO.

They use SEO tools such as Ahrefs, Majestic, and Moz, to do complete technical site audits to understand the site structure better, and to identify all the technical issues that need to be solved.

Markitors' technical SEO services include:

  • Technical SEO audit reports for top pages.
  • Examination and correction of 404 errors.
  • Sitemap preparation, submission, and monitoring.
  • Website optimization for mobiles.
  • Monthly reports of all critical performance metrics and further initiatives.

Some of Markitors top clients are Laughing Man Foundation, McFate Brewing, Go Clean Credit, and One Heart.


Markitors' project costs start at $1,500 monthly and are affected by other contributing factors like technical expertise, specific service offerings, and more.

6. WebFX


WebFX is a data-driven marketing agency provider for businesses of all kinds and industries that want to boost their online visibility and profitability.

The agency gives you a digital marketing manager to handle your website and work with you on revenue plans.

Their skilled team then creates and puts a marketing strategy into practice with your approval.

Here are some technical SEO services they offer:

  • They help you optimize your robots.txt file to prevent duplicate content.
  • Creation of XML and HTML sitemaps for a user-friendly website.
  • Optimization of your website for mobile users.
  • They apply techniques that improve your page load speed.

WebFX's top clients include Fujifilm, Subway, Kangol, and Sysco.


They offer three customizable SEO pricing plans:

  • Silver - starting at 2,500$, 
  • Golden - 5,000$, and 
  • Diamond - 8,000$.

7. SALT.agency


SALT.agency is a digital marketing agency that can help you increase the visibility of your website online.

They focus on technical SEO services to boost your site's traffic and create campaigns that help you make more money.

SALT.agency offers a variety of technical services:

  • Technical SEO Consultancy - Their specialist advises you on how to optimize your website.
  • Website SEO Auditing & Analysis - They deal with issues that hold back your website from growing.
  • Server Log File Analysis - These files keep track of when a search engine crawler visits your website.
  • Mobile SEO - They can optimize your website for mobile phones and affect your website rankings on search engines that prioritize mobile content.

SALT.agency's top clients are Coralogix, The Spectator, The Pen Company, and

Innova Care Concepts.


They offer flexible prices based on your needs.

8. Skale


Skale is a SaaS SEO agency that provides SEO management, SEO content, SaaS link building, and website migration services.

Skale's team starts by ensuring your website's technical stuff is in order.

First, they do audits to check page speed and internal linking. After, they improve your site's structure and setup.

Skale tends to improve how many of your visitors become customers, get more links to your site, and ensure each page is set up well for search engines.

Skale's technical services include:

  • Website Migration Support - They support content migration, merging, technical audits, and redirect mapping to safeguard your valuable SEO progress.
  • Fractional Tech Support - This service involves collaborating with your internal development team to fix any issues hindering indexing and crawling.
  • Page Speed Audits - These audits make sure all site clusters load quickly and no issues are stopping them from showing up properly.
  • Schema Markup - They add codes to your website that increase the likelihood of securing featured snippets to drive higher click-through rates.

Some of Skale’s recognizable clients are HubSpot, Usertesting, Personio, Appcues, and many more.


They provide their technical services starting at 4.000$ per month.

To Conclude

Technical SEO is important for your overall SEO growth and for the SEO strategy execution.

Many of these agencies provide free consultations and assessments before selecting a customized SEO package.

Follow our advice to find the best SEO agency for you, research their services, and reach out to those you think can boost your business.

Ready to transform your SEO into a growth engine?

Contact us to talk about how our technical SEO team can enhance your site performance and boost your monthly revenue with our content creation services!

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