13 Fintech SEO Trends You Should Know About in 2024

Stay ahead in the Fintech niche by following the latest Fintech SEO trends to unlock growth, enhance visibility, and grow your business.

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Did you know that using the right words that really solve your audience's problems can sell better than anything?

Similarly, specific words and keywords can guide them towards your Fintech solution.

Over the past several decades, Fintech companies have witnessed immense growth. 

Now, they are entering a phase focused on sustainable and profitable expansion. 

In this article, we delve into Fintech SEO trends you should follow to thrive in these times of disruption.

Let’s begin!

What is a Fintech Company?

As the title says, the Fintech Company is a Financial company that uses technology to offer cutting-edge financial solutions and services.

Their services mostly include:

  • contactless transactions,
  • peer-to-peer lending,
  • blockchain technology,
  • digital payments,
  • mobile banking,
  • investment management services,
  • and many more.

In the graph below, we can see how diverse the FinTech structure can be.


Impact of Fintech's Increasing Significance in the Financial Sector

How vigorous the growth in the Fintech industry is shown in publicly listed data of $550 billion in market capitalization as of July 2023, which is a two-fold increase from 2019.

Furthermore, as of the same time frame, there were over 272 fintech unicorns valued at a total of $936 billion. 

This is a seven-fold rise from the 39 companies worth $1 billion or more five years prior.


What is SEO, and How Does SEO Help Fintech Companies Grow?

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is a marketing technique that helps you optimize your website and content and help it rank higher in search engines.

Improving your position in organic search results is the main target of SEO, with the goal of exposing your content to prospective customers.

Therefore, optimizing Fintech companies' websites for relevant keywords and producing worthwhile and captivating content helps you establish authority and trust within the industry.

13 Fintech SEO Trends You Should Follow in 2024

Here are the top SEO trends for Fintech companies to keep in mind as they aim to draw in, cultivate, and convert organic, high-quality leads.


1. Determine SEO Smart Goals

The first thing is to make clear, specific goals and what is the aim to achieve them.

Furthermore, make your SEO goals measurable and attainable, by reviewing historical data, researching current trends, and clear insight into your resources.

Also, make your SEO goal realistic and timely (monthly, quarterly, yearly).


Finally, remember to repeat the whole process with the new day and new project.

2. Focus on Niche Specific Keywords

Selecting the right keywords for your Fintech product and focusing on your niche is very important. 

The way you position your product will determine how well the entire Fintech SEO strategy works for you.

In the Fintech sector, Keywords are important because they allow you to:

🎯 target particular audiences,

🎯 boost visibility,

🎯 enhance conversion rates,

🎯 build authority, and

🎯 adjust to market trends.

It is a crucial part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for Fintech Companies hoping to prosper in a cutthroat and ever-changing market.

For example, here are some of the Fintech-related trend keywords separated into different categories:

Electronic Payments:

⭐ Payments via mobile 

⭐ Contactless transactions

⭐ Electronic wallets

⭐ Payments made peer to peer

⭐ Apps for mobile banking

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain:

⭐ Blockchain-based technology

⭐ Digital Currency

⭐ Wallets for Cryptocurrency

Robotic Investment and Advice:

⭐ AI advisors

⭐ Automated trading

⭐ Investment platforms with automation

⭐ Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs

⭐ Socially conscious financial planning

3. Emphasize Focused and Data-Driven Content

Customer-centric strategies, such as inbound marketing, emphasize aligning content with the audience’s needs, issues, and goals for success.

Inbound marketing and SEO work harmoniously with each other.


Each piece of content you produce should have a clear objective, respond to the search intent of your personas, and have support from in-depth investigation and analysis.

Your marketing and sales teams can only see the best results from a data-driven strategy.

But keyword optimization alone is insufficient for marketers to focus on creating great content.

Context and easy access to relevant content that matches search intent are now fundamentals for both users and search engines.

4. Integrate High-Quality Content

There are specific needs for Fintech consumers.

To attract, lead, and develop relationships with your customers, some good boosts are:

⭐Attractive videos

Buzz quizzes, interactive games, bank loan calculator

Images, and emojis related to the topic


5. Use Best Techniques for Efficient On-Page Optimization

There are numerous techniques for efficient on-page SEO optimization.

Here are the most important ones you should apply:

✔️ Incorporate Keywords into Page Titles and Meta Descriptions—Strategically place targeted keywords in your page titles and meta descriptions.

✔️ Craft Compelling Meta Descriptions—Write engaging meta descriptions that encourage clicks and engagement.

✔️ Structure Content with Header Tags—Use header tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) to organize your content effectively and include your target keywords in these headers.

✔️ Integrate Keywords into URL Structure—Ensure that your URLs reflect the structure of your content and include your target keywords.

✔️ Implement Internal Linking—Use internal links throughout your content to create a cohesive structure and enhance SEO.

✔️ Prioritize User Experience and Readability—Focus on making your content user-friendly and easy to read to maximize audience impact and engagement.

6. Leverage AI and Algorithms

Search engine algorithms undergo continuous refinement, primarily emphasizing personalization.

Simultaneously, AI and smart devices are actively influencing key SEP trends, with voice search and predictive technology reshaping how search engines produce results.


7. Address Complex Questions

In the Financial Services sector, search queries frequently demand comprehensive answers.

It is essential to be ready to craft content that addresses complex questions.

There are a few good paths to obtain:

⭐Creating a series of articles addressing different aspects of a complex topic

⭐Develop a comprehensive piece of writing that addresses important queries

⭐Establishing a knowledge base of FAQs that provide answers to the most common (and complex) inquiries


8. Include Knowledge, Authority and Reliability

Building links with your customers has never been more relevant than now.

Google’s content evaluators base their assessment of the material on these core principles, e.g. Knowledge, Authority, and Reliability.

Among the popular SEO trends today, this is especially important, particularly for Fintech and Financial Services Companies.

Google gives financial content and pages related to money extra attention due to the information on these pages has a big impact on financial decision-making.


9. Create Key Topic Clusters and Content Pillars

Central content pillars, referred to as pillar pages, have become increasingly popular in inbound marketing tactics in recent times.

These extensive content pieces are the cornerstone of your SEO content strategies, improving internal linking and driving traffic to your website with a vast network of related keywords.

Topic clusters integrate with the main theme to address a variety of queries and long keywords that are related to the main keyword of the page.


These clusters provide links to additional pages, blogs, videos, and other types of supporting content.

10. Maintain an Active Social Presence and Update with the Latest News

The High increase in social networks is a golden mine for SEO Fintech developing and spreading customer networks.

Easy to access anywhere, with mobile and other devices provides a good match with business development.

The abovementioned is highly employable for spreading the news.

So, when we have all of these,  why should we not use them for good and keep our customers up to date with new catch-ups?

11. Utilize Video Content

Video dominates web traffic with more than 82% of total web traffic in 2023!

Well-known TikTok, FB, IG, Ln, Twitter, and other social networks provide a wide range of opportunities to deliver intriguing content to your potential as well as current customers.

Good videos speak volumes and urge users to take action.

But it also depends on what you want to achieve with them.

Make sure to determine what are your video goals, whether to educate, drive sales, engage users, and then adapt your production strategy according to it.


12. Elevate Your Backlinking and Outreach Strategies

Often challenging for businesses to prioritize, outreach and backlinking remain crucial elements for increasing their website content.

Using an organized framework and effective procedures can greatly improve the effect of your backlinking strategies on SEO performance.

The key lies in identifying the most relevant and influential websites and networks to target for generating backlinks.

Here are essential steps to take:

⭐ Determine the content you aim for people to visit

⭐ Create templates for outreach to simplify and speed up the process

⭐ Choose the best strategy for each and every target, including possibilities such as organic outreach, invitations to collaborate or guest blogs, paid or free placements, social media posting, PR queries

⭐ Create a tracking sheet to monitor your aims, record your progress, and see how your outreach is performing.


13. Shift Your Focus to B2B Instead of B2C Customers

This strategy is focused on businesses rather than individual customers.

With this, a competitive environment is easier to handle.

With smaller pieces of content, it is highly possible to achieve a higher search ranking


To Summarize

Your website's organic traffic and conversion rates can both be significantly increased by well-thought-out FinTech SEO tactics.

Gaining a competitive edge for your FinTech brand requires not only knowing how SEO functions but also knowing how to use it effectively.

That's why it's important to follow the Fintech SEO trends, so you can understand how you can adapt your SEO strategy to grow faster.

Additionally, you can delegate that task to Omnius.

Because we have tested what works for years and know exactly how to apply it for any Fintech company.

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