How to Hire a Fintech Content Writer - 7 Practical Tips

Learn how to hire the perfect fintech content writer to craft compelling content for your business that resonates with your target audience.

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Finding a qualified fintech content writer can be challenging, knowing what it takes to create compelling topics in this niche.

It’s a difficult task, but not impossible if you follow some important steps in that process.

Today, we’ll show you how to hire Fintech content writers without wasting time and money following the 7 practical steps.

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Why Fintech Companies Need The Best Content Writers?

Competition in the Fintech industry is growing daily, so companies invest heavily in content marketing. 

The number of companies looking to hire fintech content writers to help them create content on a daily basis is larger every day.

Did you know that the content marketing space is expected to grow by over 16.3% per year from 2023 to 2027?

That explains the importance of content writing for fintech and other companies and regular posting on their webistes.

Such stiff competition forces newcomers to hit the ground running for high-quality content that aligns with companies' goals and work ethics.

Having a strong content strategy is important, but without high-quality fintech content writers, it will be hard for you to present your business.

You must apply a multi-stage filter process to get to the desired person as a Fintech company manager.

Continue reading to discover key factors you should consider when looking to hire a content writer for your fintech company.

What to Look For In Your Next Fintech Content Writers?

1. Identify the Writers' Skills & Fintech Knowledge

The first step before you step into looking for a content writer is understanding your company’s needs.

Do you need a full-time content writer or just someone to refresh your website content?

What kind of content do you want to create, and at what velocity?

By knowing these answers it will be much easier for you to define the skill set of the fintech writer you’re looking for.

So you’ll probably look for a fintech writer with extensive knowledge of industry subjects and trends.

The same person should possess the ability to understand fintech ideas but also to keep that knowledge under control and create a continent that anyone can understand.

Basically, striking a balance between using familiar industry terminology and avoiding jargon is essential for effective communication.

2. Writers Should Possess Fact-Checking Skills

The Fintech landscape continues to change. 

Some of those changes are earth-shattering others are subtle, with consequences seen down the line.

Only up-to-date writers with knowledge of the latest trends that create content with relevant facts are the ones you should primarly look for.

To stay relevant, you want your products and content positioned in front of the story, not behind it.

That's why every fact you provide your readers with is important.

Fintech copywriters must possess a keen eye for detail to guarantee that your content carries facts, not half-truths.

It is what makes the sale and increases your authority, or breaks the deal and drop-offs your potential customers.

This attention to detail is essential in shaping the brand impression you aim to create.

3. Find Someone Who Acts as a Team Player

Active collaboration with subject matter experts, editors, designers, and marketers ensures the creation of the best possible material.

But it’s not the only thing that is important.

Fintech content writers should excel as collaborators, working seamlessly with other team members to produce top-notch content.

That’s why you should also look for people and communication skills, collaboration, willingness to learn, and time management skills to ensure you have the right person in your company.

4. Look For Long-Term Commitment

Do you want to go through this process again in a year or two? 

Of course not.

Recruiting is an expensive game, so it’s much better to provide better terms for your employees than to look for new candidates every three months. 

Besides personal convenience, long-term commitment from a content writer is beneficial for all aspects of your Fintech business.

Here are some examples:

  • Content continuity
  • Content consistency
  • Keeping company secrets inside of the company

Now that we know who you should fall in love with, let us see how to get them to commit to you.

How to Hirea Fintech Content Writer For Your Business?

1. Make a Plan Based on Your Needs

Before you set out in the world looking for a partner, take a look into a mirror and make notes of what your marketing needs are.

Based on those notes, you can determine what kind of marketing specialist you need.

Yes, they all say they are a one-man army capable of finishing any task in digital marketing, but in truth, they all have specialties.

Keep in mind that the ones who are specialized in everything are actually good at nothing.

Pay attention to what your marketing NEEDS, not what is trendy.


For instance, let’s say your company has a decent presence online.

Still, you have noticed that people come to your fintech blog page and leave after a few seconds without taking any other actions.

It means you need to level up your game in the writing department, not social media.

Similarly, if you want to look like an expert in a field, you should look for someone who has been writing about the industry for years, more than someone that is new in the industry.

2. Make Sure Your Job Description is Attractive to Fintech Writers

With an idea of who your target writer is, you can start hunting.

Whether you’re creating an active recruitment campaign or just an ad, it is important how you present your job position and company.

Just like you approach someone to introduce yourself to another person.

You say who you are and then ask for their name, you should tell potential candidates a bit more about your business before asking them to apply for a job.

You want your writers to be attracted to your culture.


After proper introductions, you can jump to the meat of things:

  • What are you looking for?
  • What does the job offer to the candidate?

Keep information honest and straightforward.

What may surprise you is that it is not a bad thing to point to a constantly changing environment when recruiting content writers.

Real experts will not shy from challenges but embrace them and see them as a job benefit.

3. Check Their Previous Experiences and Expertise

Crafting captivating long-form and short-form content on highly specialized subjects can present challenges. 

Therefore, it becomes crucial to assess your candidate's writing abilities effectively.

You are looking for people who can combine Fintech and writing expertise, not someone with a nice colored paper saying what they know to do.

Any writer worth your attention has a portfolio ready before they press the apply button.

Finding their content, including articles or any other type of content should be easy. 

A review of these will enable you to gauge their proficiency in writing about finance, technology, and their intersection.


Social networks like Upwork are a perfect source of information that will let you know what are strong and weak points of candidates’ content.

4. Trust But Check and Verify

Your primary focus should revolve around finding a capable individual who can generate exceptional content with the potential to drive sales.

To achieve this, it is essential to verify their past accomplishments and validate their identity.

A proficient writer in the financial technology domain should readily share testimonials and references.

Reach out to their former clients or employers to evaluate how they contributed to content marketing efforts.

To gather more insights while exploring their online presence, including social media, portfolio sites, and published blogs.

To finish a background check, you can use tools like GrammarlyGrammarly Grammarly or Scribbr to see how unique content is in the portfolio.

5. Take Some Time to Meet the Candidates

So far, you got some understanding of what a candidate can do when it comes to content writing. 

This time is a good opportunity to meet them and see who they are as a person and writer.

We all know articles undergo a few editing steps before they go public.

In some instances, editors make so many changes that we can not consider the author as the owner of the text.

Video call or, even better, the in-person meeting allows writers to elaborate their research and writing process.

Here are some questions you might use in such a meeting:

  • Whose idea was to select this subject?
  • How did you approach the research process?
  • This structure is interesting. How did you develop it?
  • How did you decide to take this view on the subject?
  • What segment of the article is best suited for a Fintech company?

You can hire the best writer on Earth, but that is a bad idea if he is disruptive and prone to conflict.

Besides finding out about their writing capabilities, you can get some understanding of how well a candidate works as part of a team.

Stick to that.

7. Offer a Paid Test Article

If your initial talk goes well enough that you consider the person in front of you a good hire, you can take it a step further.

Offer a one-time assignment - A paid article based on an interview or poll conducted with your customers.

With this simple test, you can gather crucial information on writers' expertise and work ethics.

For example:

  • Evaluate their expertise
  • Are they independent writers or require supervision
  • Whether they communicate on time
  • How long does it take them to deliver

After the final draft is submitted, make a few requests for changes even if you have none to make.

This second part of the test will give you insight into how flexible the writer is and how well he is at implementing feedback.

Bonus Tip: Welcome And Keep Writers

We mentioned long-term commitment. It is up to your organization to nurture the positive aspects of new and old marketing staff.

Ensure that the onboarding process is painless for everyone.

A quick process of adding new hires to company communications will make them feel welcome, and providing them with all the tools needed will cut short any slow start.

After a while, once you establish a team that works well together, make sure you keep them with you.

Here are some ideas that all of your marketing employees will like:

  • Invest in technology that increases productivity
  • Promote professional education and learning opportunities culture
  • Include their opinions into your marketing strategies

Who Do You See As the Next Content Writing Hire?

Does hiring new content writing staff look any more manageable now?

Still need more time to get to the business of finding Fintech writers?

Well, we have an alternative for you.

Fintech companies usually find outsourcing content writing easier than educating internal writers.

It makes a manager’s life much easier and is financially more profitable in the long run.

Outsourcing fintech writers from agencies like Omnius allows you to access specialist expertise to cover your company’s organic growth in digital marketing for years.

Sounds appealing? 

Book a 30-minute free consultation to learn how to improve your fintech SEO and content marketing and how we can help you replace the prolonged hiring process.


How much does it cost to hire a content writer?

The cost of hiring a content writer varies widely depending on factors like experience, expertise, and project complexity.

Freelance writers may charge per word, per hour, or offer fixed rates for specific projects.

Rates can range from a few cents per word to hundreds of dollars per hour for top-tier professionals.

What is a Fintech content writer?

A Fintech content writer specializes in creating content related to the financial technology industry.

They produce articles, blogs, and other materials that explain complex financial concepts, analyze market trends, and promote Fintech products and services.

How do I hire a content writer?

To hire a content writer, start by defining your project scope and goals.

Then, search for writers on platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, or content writing agencies.

Review their portfolios, request samples, and conduct interviews to ensure a good fit.

Discuss rates, deadlines, and expectations before finalizing the contract.

How do I hire a content marketing writer?

Hiring a content marketing writer involves finding a writer with expertise in creating content that aligns with your marketing strategy.

Look for writers who understand SEO, audience targeting, and branding.

Review their past content marketing campaigns to assess their suitability.

Should I hire a content writer?

Whether you should hire a content writer depends on your specific needs and resources.

Hiring a writer can be a valuable investment if you lack the time, expertise, or writing skills to create high-quality content.

Content writers can help you maintain a consistent online presence and engage your audience effectively.

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